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Email Marketing

Ready To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing?

90% of people visit your web site, spend a few minutes, and leave forever, never to return.  Marketing Superstars understand that capturing the email means capturing a client for life that you can market to over and over again.

Email Marketing Pro - Managing Your Email Newsletters

e-Newsletters will be created and sent out regularly for your company.  We create a newsletter theme for your monthly newsletters and send out regular newsletters communicating your unique selling proposition and adding value to your customer base.

EXAMPLES: Brezden Newsletter, Blush NewsletterClassic Friars Newsletter, Monarch Green NewsletterBarbara Reaume NewsletterDavid  Reaume Newsletter,

Your email marketing manager will assist you in designing the email newsletter that will go out each month, setting up the graphics in the email, using our system to send out the email newsletter with the spam compliant opt out link.  Your email marketing manager will send you newsletters of your competitors and provide a consistent assessment of the competition’s email marketing strategy.

Get more visitors, increase sales.

Does sending out a monthly newsletter help grow my business?

Yes.  Email marketing remains the lowest cost return on investment marketing available to business owners today.  Internet marketing conferences typically have the same mantra over and over, COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES.  The whole reason you have a web site, is to collect email addresses. Email marketing, across all industries, is the most effective weapon that business owners have in their marketing arsenal.

How important are email subject lines?

Email subject lines are critical to the success of your email marketing campaigns. Your Email Manager will show you the best and worst open rates for subject lines, according to recent studies.  If you want to ensure that your emails are going to get opened you should make sure your subject line announces your email.  It should do one thing only – get your reader to open the message and read the first sentence. Personalizing the subject line with your prospects name is also a good idea and try not to use to much hype. Once you get them to open the email be sure to provide them with something of value and they will take you up on your offer. If you become a resource to your readers then you will see the quality and quantity of responses change for the better.

I know how to send out an email, why do I need an Email Marketing Manager?

If you have been in business for awhile, you know that email marketing is complex and take a specialist to really excel at this marketing platform.  Some email marketing mistakes we see being made all the time include spam compliance issues, dull subject lines, emails not being compelling or too wordy, sending to your list too often, not collecting the right email addresses, not know list building techniques and how to get the right people to opt into your newsletter, not taking the time to create massive value in the newsletters you send out.  Internet marketing conferences typically have the same mantra over and over, COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES.  The whole reason for a web site is to collect and market to people on the email.

Will my Email Marketing Manager help me develop list building strategies?

Best ChoiceYes.  For example, your Email Manager will show you how to offer a free gift as an incentive for people to sign up for your list. This is a proven method in list building. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should have a high perceived value. For instance if your website is about dogs, then you could offer a free report on dog grooming. If you sell software you could offer a free trial download. Ensure your gift is something of great value to your potential subscribers and you will have people eagerly joining your list.

Are autoresponders really necessary?

Yes.  Autoresponders are automated educational emails that go out after a prospect opts into your database.  They help educate the client, and help reduce phone questions.  Autoresponders are especially effective (and in our opinion, essential) for companies with large ticket transactions.  You may heard the phrase “You don’t want to ask her to marry you on the first date…”  This notion is true in the business world when it comes to large ticket transactions, such as real estate, mortgages, computer support, etc, these industries especially must start refining their email marketing strategies if they are to succeed in the coming decade.  Email marketing is no different than any other type of marketing, the same rules apply. Your goal is to get as many prospects on your monthly newsletter as possible, that is, if you’re into that recurring income thing.

Will my Email Manager help my PPC campaigns?

Yes.  Marketing superstars know that PPC campaigns work best when you combine it with smart email marketing campaigns.  Many people in the marketing world will be shocked if you tell them you are doing PPC before you setup your email list building strategy.   Don’t just pop your sign up form on your website and tell people it’s there. Sell it to them. The same way that you would sell them anything else. Make sure they know when they join your list that they will receive helpful and useful information that will benefit them greatly. Pull out all of the punches. Point out everything that you will do for them. Make it irresistible for them and they will join. You can even add testimonials from other subscribers as you would with a sales page.

What is permission based marketing?

When you start collecting email addresses from visitors that come to your website you will see a definite increase in the success of your marketing efforts.  To increase the number of people that you can market to every month, you might consider to offer them a free gift, report or subscription to your newsletter. With a newsletter you will have an excellent opportunity to build up a loyal readership. Then you can send a message to them every so often and remind them that you are still around. People are smart. Make sure you provide them with good information that is related to your product so that they will keep on reading. Be sure not to bombard them with just sales messages. Remember you want them to trust you!

Create Graphics To Enhance Visual Appeal

Create Graphics To Enhance Visual Appeal

Adding Email Opt In Forms: What if you made it easier for people to opt into your email list at your web site?  Do you think more conversions would be the result?  What about if you offered them something of value in return?  Will more people opt in?

Make it easy for people to contact you and offer a freebie

Give To Get Strategy Is Very Effective For List Building

Above are a few examples of email list building strategy.  When you hire an email marketing specialist to focus on this area of your business, your sales conversions (and revenue) will increase.

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