What We Expect - Working with the Search Engine Pros Web Marketing Services

All lasting business depends on clarity

Below is a short list of items we expect when working with clients.

  • Responsiveness: Our approach has been custom tailored to your needs. This necessitates your willingness to invest time with us to review and approve the execution of the initiatives, collaborate on your digital strategy, and respond in a timely manner to the day-to-day questions that will arise as we work together.
  • Understanding: The disappointment that comes from mismatched expectations can cause problems for a relationship. When working with a PPC agency, it is important to understand that the results of a campaign are never guaranteed. We expect our clients to understand that results will vary based on the current state of the market, competitors campaigns and Google’s rule book.
  • Patience: During the course of a campaign, there may be long lags when we are in the middle of a development phase; periods when we might not need any information from a client. During these phases, a client can get uneasy, as they haven’t heard anything from the team, and this uneasiness can hurt trust in the relationship. We ask that the client remains patient with the confidence that we are both working towards the ultimate end goal of success.

As your digital marketing partner, your success is our success. We strive to over-deliver for our clients with the understanding that when you succeed, we succeed.

Web Marketing Services Google Ads Checklist for PPC Marketing Managers

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