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What are the benefits of Google display advertising?

Display campaigns serve visually engaging ads on the Google Display Network. The Display Network helps you reach people as they browse millions of websites, apps, and Google-owned properties (such as YouTube and Gmail).

The Google Display Network is used by thousands of advertisers to reach users on hundreds of thousands of websites and apps across all publisher categories, from large, well-known sites to niche sites and audiences. Stated simply, the Google Display Network (GDN) will place your display ads against related content and audiences across thousands of sites.

You’ve seen these display ads on websites, social media, blogs, forums, mobile devices, and video platforms like YouTube. Often embedded alongside content, these ads are hard to ignore. It’s common for these ads to be positioned right in the center of the page and in-between paragraphs, which puts them right in front of users. So, what are some of the main benefits of Google Display Ads?

There are many benefits to using Google display advertising. Here are some of the ways Google Display advertising can help grow your business:

  • Reach people in multiple places: Display campaigns can reach people worldwide across 35 million websites and apps, and on Google-owned properties (YouTube and Gmail). This allows you to expand your reach beyond just Google Search.
  • Build campaigns around your goals: Drive sales, leads, and website traffic or build awareness and consideration for your business, product, or service.
  • Designed for ease of use: Display campaigns use machine learning solutions across targeting, bidding, and formats to reach a new or existing audience. This can help your campaign deliver the best campaign results, friction-free.
  • Optimized targeting: Find the best performing audience segments that include potential customers with the highest likelihood to help you meet your conversion goals. 
  • Smart bidding: Bidding that uses machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value in each and every auction. It helps you save time and improve performance.
  • Find new customers or engage existing customers using audience segments. Similar segments and in-market segments help you find new prospective customers by targeting people who are interested in your products. You can also use your data segments to help you re-engage people who previously visited your site.
  • Massive scale: With significant global coverage your message will reach more of your target audience, in more places, more often. The Google Display Network comprises both hundreds of large sites and hundreds of thousands of niche sites.
  • Measurable performance and maximized results: The Display Network delivers measurable performance for both branding and direct display clients, maximizing their results. For example, Google’s research shows that when advertisers used the Display Network in combination with Search, the median advertiser has a Display Network cost per action (CPA) that’s within approximately 2% of their Search CPA. The Google Display Network also drives nearly 20% of total conversions for the median advertiser.
  • Contextual engine: A key driver of the success is Google’s ability to harness the power of the best contextual engine on the planet to place ads against the most relevant content. This enables you to find and connect with the most engaged audiences. Research shows that brand recall increases significantly when ads are targeted contextually vs. non-contextually relevant.
  • Custom networks through effective targeting: Keyword contextual targeting, along with other targeting technologies available on the Google Display Network such as placement targeting and audience targeting, allows you to build and target to your own custom networks and to find and connect with the right customers more effectively and more often.
  • Transparency, actionable insights and value through auction: In terms of campaign management, tools such as the Placement Performance Report, Conversion Optimizer, and Conversion Tracking provide complete transparency into what’s working, and what isn’t. This gives you the actionable insights you need to help you effectively optimize your campaigns. With flexible pricing models (CPM, CPC, CPA) as well as the most popular Display Ad formats, and transparency into performance, the Google Display Network drives results every day for thousands of advertisers around the world.

At Search Engine Pros, we make sure that you’re informed about the status of your campaigns and individual ads on a regular basis, sending you full reports of all relevant data and KPIs. Additionally, we provide performance analysis from our paid social media advertising experts. Using the results from these reports, we optimize your campaign strategy to ensure that we’re hitting every opportunity available.

Google Display Advertising FAQ

The Google Display Network helps you find the right audience with its targeting options that strategically show your message to potential customers at the right place and the right time. Here are some examples of how you can approach targeting with Display ads:

  • Find new customers or engage existing customers using audience segments. Similar segments and in-market segments help you find new prospective customers by targeting people who are interested in your products. You can also use your data segments to help you re-engage people who previously visited your site.
  • Drive more conversions using automation. Automated targeting increases conversions by finding high-performing audience segments based on your existing audiences and landing page. By automatically optimizing over time, Google Ads can learn which audience segments work for you. Automated bidding automatically adjusts your bid to help meet your return on investment. Smart display campaigns combine the best of automated targeting, bidding, and creatives to maximize your conversions on Google Ads.

Responsive display ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit just about any available ad space and improve performance. You upload various assets (images, headlines, logos, videos, and descriptions) in Google Ads and the optimal combination and size of assets will appear in ads across websites, apps, YouTube, and Gmail.

You can also use Google’s library of images at no cost. Both new and advanced users benefit from responsive ads because they show as “native” ads and blend into the font and feel of the publisher’s site.

Note: Responsive display ads will be replacing responsive ads as the new default ad type for the Display Network. If you have responsive ads running, you will be prompted to save them as Responsive display ads.

While the Search Network can reach people while they search for specific goods or services, the Display Network can help you capture someone’s attention earlier in the buying cycle. You can put your ads in front of people before they start searching for what you offer, which can be key for your overall advertising strategy. You can also remind people of what they’re interested in when you use your data segments to reach people who’ve previously visited your website or app.

Changes in the Display Network can take 12–24 hours to apply and may not show right away. Keep this in mind while creating a new campaign or making changes to an existing campaign. You may want to set up your campaign a few days before the launch and set the start date in the future.

Set up conversion tracking on your website: Conversion tracking can give you insights to optimize your campaign performance. Conversions will show you what happens when a customer interacts with your ads – whether they purchase a product, sign up for your newsletter, call your business, or download your app. When a customer completes an action that you’ve defined as valuable, this action is counted as a conversion. To enable conversion tracking:

Use Smart Bidding strategies: Automated bidding uses advanced machine learning to optimize the right bid for every ad auction. The majority of advertisers use some type of automated bidding because these bid strategies can boost performance, while saving time from manually adjusting bids. Smart Bidding is a subset of automated bid strategies that optimizes for conversions or conversion value. To access Smart Bidding, you’ll have to first set up conversion tracking. Once you’ve set up conversion tracking on your website, edit your campaign’s settings to use a conversion-based bidding strategy.

Expand your targeting: Targeting your ads to a small city or a few keywords can prevent your campaign from serving to customers. Alternatively, targeting to an area that is too large may bring irrelevant traffic to your website. Target locations where your customers are, not just where your business is located. Let’s say you run an e-commerce website. You’d want to target all the locations that you ship to, not just where your business is physically located. Regardless of how great your ad is, it probably won’t perform as well if it doesn’t appear in the right places. Keep in mind, you can adjust your location targeting settings at any time.

Design your Display ads so that they directly relate to what your customers want to buy. Your display ad should mention exactly what your customer wants to buy. Here’s an ideal scenario: Someone searches for “24-hour flower delivery lilies.” They then they visit a site on the display network, and see an ad with the headline “Order lilies fast – 24-hour flower delivery.” They click the ad and go straight to the flower site, where they complete their order.

Google Display Advertising - Google Ads Checklist for PPC Marketing Managers

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