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Why hire Search Engine Pros?

There are many PPC marketing agencies like us, but only one agile PPC marketing agency – Search Engine Pros. We’re pioneers in the industry, constantly on the verge of the next great frontier in PPC lead generation, visibility, and increased conversions, making it easy for businesses just like yours to effectively meet your sales goals year after year.

Below is a short list of reasons why customer choose Search Engine Pros:

  • Hands On: Search Engine Pros believes in a hands-on approach to PPC management. While many of our competitors depend on automated bidding and management software to do the work, we take pride in our knowledge that allows us to effectively run your campaign. It is not uncommon to find companies that do not manage your PPC campaigns personally; instead, they allow software to do the work for them while they collect payment.
  • Intagible Factors: Our PPC management services outperform competitors because we account for all of the intangible factors. We manually detect seasonal trends, identify click-fraud teams, trends and patterns, shifts in the industry, and interject with new creative ideas that find unique pathways through the marketplace.
  • Keyword Research: We have a proven method of finding the best keywords for a given niche. By focusing on the right keywords, the traffic they create, and the resulting conversions, your PPC campaign will produce a stronger ROI. We will help you compile the most CTR-friendly keywords that will bring your click-through rate but at the same time bring down your overall PPC advertising costs. We will closely study your business, your audience, the behavior of your audience on different channels, and then zero-in on the right keywords accordingly.
  • Landing Page Design: Every PPC Marketing campaign must have a unique landing page because all the people who click on your advertisement will be landing on that page. Once people have clicked the link, it is the power of your landing page that converts the prospect to a sale/lead. Your landing page must be targeted, focused and optimized. We will use A/B testing, copy optimization and advanced analytics tools to make sure that your landing page gives you the maximum ROI when people land on it through your PPC campaign.
  • Real Time Monitoring: The dynamics of individual PPC advertising campaigns are constantly changing. A PPC campaign generating optimal results right now may not perform well in the coming days or coming weeks due to constantly changing user behavior and latest trends. We have our finger on the pulse of your PPC campaign to maximize effectiveness.
  • Reporting: With PPC management services, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive monthly dashboard showing your results. We provide comprehensive PPC Analytics reports that measure everything from keyword rankings to phone call conversions. As an PPC management company, Search Engine Pros can help you systematically keep track of all online activities and key metrics. We employ industry-recommended and trusted tools to give you an accurate picture of the performance of your website and your PPC marketing campaigns.R
  • Remarketing Campaigns: Remarketing Google Ads campaigns are different from the regular PPC campaigns. These campaigns target people who have either visited your website previously and hence, have shown some interest in your products or services, or they have already clicked one of your ads but haven’t yet done business with you. They’re familiar with your business but they haven’t yet committed. This is where our knowledge of remarketing campaigns can help. We will keep your business proposition top of mind, and in front of the right audience through the right channel targeting with our PPC Services.
  • Ongoing PPC Bid Management: As we all know, most of the PPC campaigns, in almost every platform, work on a auction type bidding system. The higher you pay, the higher your ads appear among multiple ads. The bidding system needs to be monitored round-the-clock because sometimes, you end up paying more for the same position simply because you are not closely monitoring your placements. Our PPC Specialists will keep a close watch on where your ads appear and then make adjustments to your bids to drastically bring down your PPC cost by improving your quality score and ad rank. This is an ongoing process which is highly crucial to keeping your advertising budget going out of control.
  • Results Driven: We measure results the same way you do: sales. We also measure all of the activities that lead to sales so we can improve every part of the process. We track click-thru rates, conversions, phone calls, and all of the other metrics that are important to PPC management. We take it to a whole new level with user-level analytics, real-time monitoring, heat maps, scroll maps, A/B testing, and other metrics that help us make better decisions with page content, calls to action, and conversions.

A great Internet marketing strategy aims for a diverse approach to PPC advertising by implementing ad campaigns across multiple channels to ensure that your ads reach your target audience. The skilled PPC experts at Search Engine Pros work with our clients to ensure that they are effectively positioned with budget and results in mind.

Search Engine Pros Google Ads Checklist - A quick and handy resource for PPC Marketing Managers

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