Top Ten Ways To Increase Your Customer Base In 2014
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Top Ten Ways to Increase Your Customer Base in 2014

Increase Your Customer Base in 2014

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope 2013 has been a great year for you and that everyone continues to realize the benefits of SEO and social media marketing in 2014. Many of our clients have benefitted from having an online marketing plan. If you’re not marketing online you’re missing out on one of the most effective ways of attracting customers and closing sales.

Here are the Top 10 ways to increase your customer base in 2014:

  1. Increase Your Google Ranking: Use our free Google rank analysis to find out where you are now, and learn how you can do better.
  2. Initiate a SEO Marketing Strategy: Search Engine Optimization is the fastest way to get found online. SEO copywriting provides you with unique and interesting content that generates rankings in the search engines, and boosts credibility levels with your customers.
  3. Try A Pay-Per-Click Initiative: Increase clicks to your site and decrease the cost of those clicks by optimizing your ad positions.
  4. Make Your Website Work Harder: Have Search Engine Pros conduct an objective site analysis and provide you with a free 30 page report that tells you how well your website is working.
  5. Use Email Marketing to Maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness: Send out powerful high impact monthly newsletters that remind prospects to buy.
  6. Ask for Referrals and Testimonials: Use the nice things that clients think about you to build credibility and increase sales.
  7. Optimize Website Code: Having Google Friendly Code is crucial to generating thousands of targeted visitors to your website every month. Simple edits can generate top rankings in 3-6 months’ time.
  8. Use Press Releases: Increase profits with search engine optimized press releases that attract media attention and engage consumers.
  9. Get Social: Social media marketing is the newer, better, faster way to reach customers.
  10. Convert Website Visitors to Customers: Use eye catching banners and embed powerful calls to action to lower bounce rates, boost conversions, increase time on site (which increases rankings) – and double your sales.

Search Engine Pros are trained across multiple disciplines, guiding you every step of the way, helping you maximize profits through a low cost, highly effective online marketing plan comprised of search marketingSEO marketingemail marketing and SEO enhanced press releases.  When you need a unique approach that brings results,  call on the Pros!

Find out more about using the internet to boost your sales in 2014 by inquiring via our contact form. You can beat your competitors with a well-defined web strategy, social media and web marketing.  Search Engine Pros can help you meet your online marketing goals. Outsource your online marketing to our team and let us show you how great 2014 can be.

From all of us at Search Engine Pros,

Happy Holidays and here’s to your business growth in 2014!

Taylor Reaume

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  1. Online marketing is very important in today’s day and age. I am just starting my new business and I have noticed that marketing online via social media has been a huge help. Thank you so much for your tip on using your free Google rank analysis to find out where I currently stand. I am pretty new, but I know there are some strategies that I am needing to put in place to become better. I never thought about asking clients to send in their testimonials. I know that they are very helpful when building credibility so I will be doing that as I build up clientele!

    1. Thank you, Addison! I’m glad to hear that online marketing, particularly through social media, has been beneficial for your new business. Utilizing a free Google rank analysis can provide valuable insights into your current standing and help identify areas for improvement. Collecting testimonials from clients is indeed a great way to build credibility and showcase the positive experiences of your customers. Best of luck with your business growth!

  2. We are just exploring the world of social media marketing. It’s an area that we should have hit on in the past years we just didn’t have the budget for it. We aren’t even really sure the cost at this point. But all your articles have seemed to suggest it, so I am taking it that it is worth it. Whatever we can do to make our business grow, if it is worth the money spent, we are all for it at this point. Sign me up!

    1. Great to hear, David! Social media marketing can indeed be a powerful tool for business growth. While the costs can vary depending on your specific strategies and goals, it’s generally considered a worthwhile investment. It’s a great step forward in expanding your business and reaching a wider audience.

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