Are You Wooing Your Customers This Valentine’s Day?
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Are You Wooing Your Customers this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays at The Search Engine Pros. V-Day presents a unique opportunity for businesses to get creative with their email and social media promotions.

Small efforts can pay off big

If you don’t have the time for a full scale digital marketing campaign, the simplest thing you can do is update your Facebook and Twitter status, and wish your followers  a Happy Valentine’s Day.  You may also wish to update your Facebook cover page to celebrate the spirit of this romantic day – keep the images eye-catching and use a call to action. Ditto for Twitter – a V-day Twitter header image and background, in combination with a compelling message about your offerings – can encourage followers to take the desired action.

Got V-day Marketing Automation?

For a more serious direct marketing approach, consider planning ahead.  All great marketing requires great planning.  But planning is not enough.  Nowawadays, you need the help of a good friend named ‘marketing automation’ to stay competitive.   Doing things manually is not cost effective and will likely land you in the therapists office.

How consistent is your marketing?

Businesses with automated email marketing systems stay front-and-center in customers’ and leads’ minds more easily than those that don’t. Email continues to be a powerful medium for customer engagement. So, if you have a V-day special offer, it makes sense to implement a drip email campaign that serves as a reminder of the big day, delivers useful information (how to woo your spouse/girlfriend) and follows up with your specials/promotions.

Something like this:

  • Last week of Jan – focus on V-day awareness, gift ideas, subtle sales message(s)
  • First week of Feb – launch your promotion, present incentives and make an impression
  • 11th and 12th Feb – create a sense of urgency about gifts and continue with promotion
  • 13th Feb – offer tips to those late to the V-day party on gift ideas or planning surprises for their partners
  • 15th Feb – Solicit testimonials actively, encourage customers to share V-day stories, make this the highlight of your social media conversations; pictures and infographics can go on Pinterest, videos and articles on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

An optimized press release is also a great way to get the message about your V-day specials across to your audience. Don’t overly promote; cushion your sales message with tips and advice. Keep it interesting and worthy of reading.

These tips will also come in handy come holiday time. Put on your thinking cap and make the most of your digital media campaigns!

Are You Wooing Your Customers This Valentine’s Day?

All of us at The Search Engine Pros would like to extend a Happy Valentine’s Day for you and your sweetheart. We strive to offer the absolute best web strategy at the best prices with customer service that is unrivaled. Our business depends and grows based on word of mouth and we never forget that. Thank you again for all your past support and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Your Search Engine Pros Team

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  1. I love my customers and Valentine’s day is a holiday about love. So, yes I will woo them and give them away to win an Valentine’s day gift. I will use these ideas next year I know my sales will increase thanks for the wonderful ideas.

    1. That’s great to hear, Gail! Showing love and appreciation to your customers is a fantastic way to enhance your relationship with them. Implementing Valentine’s Day marketing ideas and running giveaways can indeed help boost sales and create a positive impact. I’m glad you found the ideas helpful, and I wish you success in implementing them next year!

  2. We currently have some Valentines Day deals going on but I want to get this pop-up thing on the website that you talk about going. I think that will boost our sales up quite a bit and make people dive into pulling the trigger on a purchase. We really appreciate going on to your website and being able to find information like this to help us grow. We are lost sometimes and people like you that assist others with their business help them thrive more than you know!

    1. Glad to get your kind words on this post Tom. It is always a great feeling to hear that I am helping business owners succeed. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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