How To Get The Most Out Of The Internet Marketing Maze
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How to Get the Most Out of the Internet Marketing Maze

The way companies market their products and services has changed over the last decade. To keep up with competitors in your industry, you need to figure out how to use cost-effective online marketing methods.

To someone who is just looking at online marketing for the first time, it may appear to be an overwhelming and confusing maze. There are plenty of wrong turns you can make, many  of which lead to a scary place with your online marketing strategy. The good news is that the Internet marketing maze is something you can perfect over time.

Here are some simple ways to maximize your Internet marketing strategy. The Internet marketing campaign tips below will help build your online presence.

Consider the Bigger Picture

As you start to build your online marketing approach, it’s very important that you consider the bigger picture and your extended plans. This is vital because your entire online presence needs to be cohesive and symmetrical. If you lack cohesiveness between different parts of your online presence, you’ll have a very difficult time trying to maximize your efforts.

Keep in mind that to truly dominate the Internet marketing maze, you’ll want to gear your approach in a way that will accommodate Google search engine algorithms. In being search engine optimized, otherwise known as SEO, with Google, you’ll greatly increase the likelihood of your customers and prospective clients coming across your online networks.

So how does the bigger picture and SEO come together? It’s quite simple.

SEO is measured through a variety of factors. Some of the most important elements include:

» Keywords placed throughout the website

» The name of the website

» Name, address and phone number of the business

» Social media accounts

» How polished the website coding is

When you consider all of these factors, you can see why it’s very important that you avoid switching around the name of your business. The more that you consider the bigger picture and plan for the future, the easier of a time you’ll have when it comes to navigating through the Internet marketing maze.

WWW: How to Get the Most Out of the Internet Marketing Maze

See What Others Are Doing

Another great way to find out what you should do for your Internet marketing campaign is to look to others and see what they’re doing. This will work if you have competition in your niche market that is successfully implementing its own Internet marketing campaign.

Some of your competitors’ online marketing techniques to observe include:

» How their website looks and is presented

» Which online resources they use, ie. FacebookTwitter, blog, etc.

» How they interact with their clients online

By seeing what works for your competition, you can narrow down the efforts that you effectively put in place for your own marketing approach. There is no time to waste when it comes to being a small business, so learning from the mistakes of your competition will help increase the likelihood of success.

Tailor Your Approach to Your Market

Keep in mind that every company is different. Even though it’s a great idea for you to look at your competition to see what they’re doing, that doesn’t mean  this should be something that you settle on. In other words, you may need to tailor your online networking approach to more directly market your clientele.

A prime example of this can be seen between two shoe companies. While both companies may borrow ideas from one another for most of their marketing techniques, the approach may change for Company A if they sell flip-flops, whereas Company B sells winter snow boots.

Another reason that you’ll want to tailor your approach for your specific market is because it will keep you and your audience more interested. Although you might come across, and want to share, a picture of a cute cat that has been shared a million times online, that doesn’t mean it’s something that your target market will take interest in. That’s why the companies that are most effective with the Internet marketing maze know exactly what it is that their audience wants to see. If you can do this, too, then you’ll notice much better results.

Google Marketing: How to Get the Most Out of the Internet Marketing Maze

Track Your Results

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make with their online marketing includes the failure to observe and track results. Some businesses will just put their market approach in place and assume that things will work. Even some companies that find success will fail to realize that they can change other parts of their approach to try to maximize things in the best way possible. The truth is that you will need to observe your efforts and track your results throughout the lifetime of your online marketing approach.

How to Get the Most Out of the Internet Marketing Maze

Change As Necessary

As you track your results, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t for your online marketing campaign. For the things that work, consider keeping them in place to get the most results possible. However, you’ll want to change things that do not work in hopes of making them better. The more effective that you are with tweaking your system, the higher probability it is that you’ll have an inclusive Internet marketing approach that is successful.

If you’ve heard that marketing online is difficult, you aren’t totally off. But while it may be difficult to navigate your way through what seems like a hopeless maze, stay confident that there are certainly ways to be successful with enough hard work and effort. By following the tips mentioned here, you’ll be able to successfully start your approach at online marketing.

— Taylor Reaume is an e-Business coach and founder of Search Engine Pros. He can be contacted at, or 1.800.605.4988. Click here to read previous columns. The opinions expressed are his own.

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  1. “Marketing” is such a strange, nebulous, and often scary term; most don’t *really* know what it means or how to navigate it online. As a member of Gen Z, aka the generation born into the internet, these are some incredible tips that really consolidate and summarize what’s absolutely necessary for marketing. There are so many ways to market, and oftentimes, that makes it really confusing because it’s difficult to pick and choose; by prioritizing certain venues and forums, you automatically deprioritize others, and thus miss out on potential customers who are restricted to those forums. However, this is essential to growing because you can’t have a finger in every pie. Though it may feel like a loss in the moment, pouring your energy into websites, and demographics that yield the highest results and investing in programs that help you pinpoint those particular forums and groups, you will ultimately broaden your reach. Truly loyal and interested customers will follow you and your product, and you can always revisit smaller markets later if you feel that you’ve truly missed out.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Tobi! You bring up an excellent point about marketing being a vast and sometimes overwhelming landscape, especially in the online realm. It’s true that there are numerous channels and platforms available, making it challenging to navigate and choose the right ones. Prioritizing specific venues and forums that yield the highest results is indeed a strategic approach to focus your efforts and resources effectively.

      By investing in programs and tools that help you identify and target your ideal audience, you can optimize your marketing efforts and reach those who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Building a loyal customer base takes time, and by catering to their needs and preferences, you can foster a strong following.

      While it’s essential to concentrate on your core target market, it’s also important to stay open to exploring new opportunities and revisiting smaller markets if the timing and circumstances are right. Marketing is an ever-evolving process, and adjusting your strategy based on insights and feedback is key to long-term success.

  2. I am just in the beginning phase of starting to market my business, so this article definitely hit home. There are so many options out there to invest time and money in, for a beginner like myself it creates havoc trying to find direction in the “maze” as you call it. This is exactly what I needed. Some basic concepts to follow before I get my feet wet.

    1. I’m glad you found the article helpful, Edgar! Starting out in the world of internet marketing can indeed feel overwhelming with the multitude of options available. It’s great that you’re seeking guidance and looking for a direction to navigate through the maze.

      By focusing on the basic concepts and strategies outlined in the article, you can lay a strong foundation for your marketing efforts. Take your time to understand your target audience, establish clear goals, and identify the channels and tactics that align with your business objectives. Starting with a well-thought-out plan will help you make more informed decisions as you begin your marketing journey. Remember, learning and experimenting are part of the process, so don’t be afraid to test different strategies and adapt along the way.

  3. Wow Taylor! These are some great ideas when it comes to the power of social media and the role it plays in marketing and building a brand. As a newbie business owner, I find my self constantly trying to figure out how to leverage social media. I did want to explore and idea I had never heard of that you mentioned which is Content curation. Social media can be a scary and overwhelming place and with so many different directions to go a tool like content curation is so needed for businesses to truly stick out and get the clicks they need for their website. Automated social media tools which serve various purpose only serve to help businesses go further into the future and bring them more success if and when used correctly.

    1. Olivia, content curation is indeed a valuable strategy to consider. By curating and sharing relevant and high-quality content from trusted sources, you can position yourself as a knowledgeable resource in your industry and attract the attention of your target audience. It helps you provide value to your followers while also establishing your brand’s expertise. Using automated social media tools can also be a game-changer, as they can streamline your social media management and make it more efficient. These tools can assist with scheduling posts, analyzing performance, and monitoring engagement, enabling you to stay consistent and engage with your audience effectively.

      As a newbie business owner, taking advantage of these strategies and tools can help you make the most out of your internet marketing efforts and stand out in the competitive social media landscape. Keep exploring, learning, and adapting your approach to find what works best for your brand. Best of luck with your social media and marketing endeavors!

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