Pay Per Click Marketing: 7 Smart Resources
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Pay Per Click Marketing: 7 Smart Resources

It’s educational. It’s Informative. Join Us!
What: The Monday SEO workshop is a group of local business owners talking about how to generate more leads from their website via Google site optimization and pay per click. Attendees come to learn SEO and search engine marketing from other like-minded business owners who have developed effective internet marketing strategies. 

When: Monday Nights 6pm-7pm

Where: 112 W. Cabrillo BLVD Santa Barbara, CA 93101

More info: RSVP HERE
What’s The Topic This Week?
Pay Per Click Marketing: 7 Smart Resources

Are you spending too much on your Google Adwords each month? Do you know how to track your spending to make such a determination? Do you have a clear strategy to outperform your competitors Adwords campaign? At the Nov 26th SEO Workshop, we’ll discuss 7 key resources related to Google Adwords marketing strategy.

-What are your competitors spending?
-Which keywords do competitors have success with?
-Which landing pages are generating the best results?

2. Buy Keywords
-Use high commercial intent keywords
-How far down the buying process is the searcher?

3. Dynamic Landing Pages
-Your landing page must be relevant to your keyword.
-Optimize it like SEO.
-Put keywords in the title and headline.
-Follow all of Google’s guidelines for landing pages!

4. Local Keywords Tool
-Did you include local keywords?
-How much time should spend engineering keyphrases?

5. Call tracking
-How will track phone calls from PPC ads?
-Do you have a system set up for measuring ROI?

6. Analytics and Conversion Pages
-Which pages will record conversions?
-Are you recording email newsletter sign-ups?

7. PPC Ad Copy Formula: AIDA; Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
Headline = Attention/Interest (include keyword if possible)
1st line of ad copy = Interest/Desire (Include benefit)
2nd line of ad copy = Desire/Action (Include call to action)
Website URL = Action (include keyword if possible, or catchy words) We look forward to seeing you at the Santa Barbara Veterans Building from 6-7pm on Monday, November 26th.

“Why should I come to the SEO Workshop?”

At the SEO workshop you’ll pick up some handy tips on web site marketing strategy and also enjoy a networking opportunity with other local business owners. Bring your business cards, your lap top and an open mind.  We hope to see you at 6pm at 112 W. Cabrillo Blvd, The Santa Barbara Veterans Building, just a few steps from Sambos Restaurant. Please RSVP here

“How much does it cost?”

The meet up cost is $5.  Alternatively, you can pay with a Facebook Post recommending the group to friends.  We go to great lengths to prepare the workshops, and your support in helping us spread the word on Facebook is greatly appreciated.

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Get Online. Get Ranked.
Successful websites launch with 100 helpful articles In order to rank well on the internet’s largest search engines, you site must contain informative, original content that contains the relevant keywords from which you’d like to capture traffic. Part of the success of your business depends on your ability to generate top ranks on Google and other major search engines. Santa Barbara’s Only SEO Meetup Group Join us for an hour filled with interesting conversations about online business. With over 81% of consumers making purchasing decisions online, web sites are no longer optional. If you have a good product or service, then driving traffic to your site is a matter of SEO. Taylor Reaume, The Search Engine Pros Founder, will discuss:

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