Online Advertising Techniques: 7 Biggest Mistakes

Online Advertising Techniques: 7 Biggest Mistakes

Online advertising techniques are more important than ever. Over 81% of consumers are now making purchasing decisions online and according to a recent study by Comscore Research less than 7% of the websites out there are fully optimized.

If you have a good product or service, then generating traffic to your site is a matter of search engine optimization. We offer SEO Services and other online advertising techniques for our clients who want to take the next step in internet marketing. We help other people find you in cyberspace, which is where everything gets noticed these days.

The explosion in usage of search engines has changed the landscape of internet marketing for good. Online advertising techniques are now a prerequisite for commercial success on the web. If your company is not utilizing natural search optimization, then its profile on the internet is not as strong as it could be — as it should be. In order to increase web site traffic and drive higher revenue, your website must be optimized for search engines.

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Search engine optimization services are all over the web, but they’re not all created equally. If you want affordable search engine optimization that is guaranteed to increase your web site’s exposure, then you want LAUNCH805.  Our online advertising techniques are not only cost-effective and results-oriented, but they have been proven to work.

7 Biggest Internet Marketing Mistakes:

  • Not finding ‘commercial intent’ keywords.
  • Failing to study your competitors strengths and weaknesses, trust issues.
  • Having a search engine “un” friendly site.
  • Not having an aggressive ‘smart’ link campaign.
  • Blowing off LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook,
  • Not doing Online Press Releases every month.
  • Guessing instead of tracking with Google Analytics.

“If you’re not happy with the amount of traffic you’d like to see on your website, my company can help you quickly and inexpensively to enhance your online advertising techniques. SEO is a marketing medium that is still largely untapped. If you’re a small business and can’t seem to generate any traffic to your site, you’re frustrated, you’re fed up with your e-business strategy, you have options with us! We are proud of the fact that our company is recognized as the web marketer’s web marketer by several local firms in Santa Barbara. Very few firms have pricing lower than ours — due to our outsourcing relationships and offshore contacts. We are one of the few SEO Companies that offer Multilingual SEO on the internet. Call us anytime! 800.605.4988 To your search engine success!”
– Taylor Reaume

Don’t have time to manage your Google Ads, configure landing pages and analytics scripts, or worry about which version of your ad generates the best ROI? That’s OK! Search Engine Pros are here to help! Give us a call at 805-627-3255 or contact us online today.

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