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Checks, Google’s AI-powered privacy platform

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We’re committed to helping companies build privacy-first digital products. Ensuring that user privacy is protected is essential for building trust with consumers. In fact, a recent McKinsey poll found that…

40% of people have stopped doing business with companies that have violated digital trust.

We’ve heard firsthand how time-consuming and costly it is for companies to keep up with evolving regulatory requirements, even with dedicated teams and resources. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Checks is now a fully integrated Google product.

Checks is an AI-powered platform that helps companies with Google Play and iOS mobile apps quickly discover, communicate and fix privacy compliance issues. Checks is powered by Google’s latest Large Language Models (LLMs) and app understanding technologies, and provides automated analysis, end-to-end monitoring and relevant recommendations to help companies turn insights into action — all accessible through a single, intuitive dashboard.

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Checks, initially launched in 2022 as a part of Google’s in-house incubator, has 3 key product areas:

Compliance Monitoring
 helps companies identify potential regulatory and mobile app store compliance issues by using automated tests to scan an app and its privacy disclosures, and provides actionable recommendations to help address any identified issues.

Data Monitoring
 provides end-to-end visibility of an app’s data collection and sharing behaviors, enabling teams to more efficiently manage their data governance practices.

Store Disclosure Support
 helps companies ensure that their Google Play Data safety section is accurate and up-to-date.

Checks not only provides insights on public versions of mobile apps, but it can also be integrated into a developer’s workflow to provide information before an app is launched. We believe that each of these product areas help companies maintain the trust of their customers, while also allowing them to more efficiently and effectively comply with privacy requirements.

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Google’s investment in privacy solutions for all

Checks has experienced tremendous growth over the past year, helping global companies in the gaming, health, finance, education and retail sectors. With apps from current Checks customers representing over 3+ billion in collective downloads, the platform has already helped companies, like Miniclip, Rovio, Kongregate, Crayola and Yousician, navigate privacy compliance more efficiently.

Checks has also partnered with the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Privacy Certified team to accelerate and enhance their privacy and data compliance processes globally. This partnership helps ensure that ESRB Privacy Certified members are compliant with the latest privacy regulations and are providing their customers with the best possible experience.

As the privacy landscape continues to evolve, Google recognizes the importance of continuing to provide tools that help our partners and our users. From our Safer with Google program to the newly announced Privacy Sandbox, Google is committed to helping developers build trust with their users. We strongly believe that privacy is for everyone and we are here to help make it easier for companies to protect the privacy of their users.

If you are a company that is looking to simplify privacy compliance, please visit our website at to get started!

Source: Official Google Developers Blog

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