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Ads Editor 12 Offers A Fresh Look And New Features To Help Simplify Your Workflow

A new version of Ads Editor, with a refreshed design, is now available for all advertisers globally. You’ll find it even easier to manage your campaigns at scale with custom rules, faster account downloads, and more.

Custom rules help you build high-performing campaigns

With Ads Editor 12, you can now use custom rules to check for changes that don’t align with your best practices. For example, our best practices suggest showing search ads with four or more site links. When you use this rule, Ads Editor will let you know which campaigns or ad groups don’t meet this best practice before you post changes. You can get started by using our recommended rules or create custom rules based on your own best practices.

Faster account downloads for new Ads Editor versions

To reduce the time you spend waiting for your accounts to download after you update Ads Editor, we’ll now transfer more of your data from previous versions.

A new look and feel

You’ll also see a new design that better aligns with Google’s commitment to material design. While the changes will be subtle and won’t affect how you manage your accounts, you’ll now have a more cohesive visual experience across Ads Editor, the new Ads experience, and other Google products.

and more …

The new version of Ads Editor also supports bidding to maximize conversions, uploading up to 20 images and videos for Universal App Campaigns, and using the new customization fields for responsive ads. You can learn more about all Version 12 updates in the Ads Editor Help Center, or download Ads Editor 12 here

Source: Official Google Webmasters Blog

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