12 Ways To Take Your Ethical Seo Strategy To The Next Level


Los Angeles, CA – May, 21 2011,from 1-3PM – A Free Workshop, Saturday at The Los Angeles Central Library at 630 West Fifth St. Los Angeles 90071 (213) 228-7110  Extraordinary opportunity for small businesses, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to learn 12 new ways to boost a web site to the first page of Google.

Featuring an expert presenter, Q&A and handouts/resources. Search Engine Pros founder Taylor Reaume – (https://www.thesearchenginepros.com) will take you ‘inside the Google maze’, sharing right and wrong social media marketing methods as well as little known tips to catapult your web site to Google’s first page.

“For business owners today, strategy and timing of Google search optimization campaigns are the Himalayas, everything else, is the Catskills. With over 81% of consumers making buying decisions on the web, organic SEO has emerged as one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience.” said Reaume

As a search engine optimization specialist, Reaume and his team of SEO specialists help you focus efforts into an effective, results oriented, ethical SEO strategy that brings a positive ROI. In 2011, the business marketing landscape has shifted significantly from push marketing (pay to play) to pull marketing (many to many). Every Thursday in Santa Barbara, Taylor teaches a free SEO Workshop discussing SEO tools, SEO Campaign Management, ethical SEO plans and Google search optimization tips.

How much is ‘BAD SEO’ costing your company? Why is it that some have more success than others with web site rankings?  Come join the discussion and pick up some valuable web strategies related to keyword research and event marketing. You’ll learn how to inexpensively outrank your competition on Google, and take your ethical SEO strategy to the next level.

About Search Engine Pros: Santa Barbara marketing firm The Search Engine Pros offer a smart Google marketing plan, based on high impact organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The SEO plan helps you outrank your competitors’ on Google. If you’re seeking a Google Adwords professional offering PPC Bid Management and Google search marketing pay per click services, the firm has Google search engine marketing plans designed to accelerate your success on the web. Call 800.605.4988

About Cashing In Your Great Ideas

This series is presented by the Los Angeles Central Library, Business & Economics Department, Science Technology and Patents Department, The Inventors Workshop International, The Entrepreneurs Workshop, FD3’s Green 2 Gold, the Valley Economic Development Center, Historic Downtown Retail Project.

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