PPC Case Study: Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Boosts Hotel Bookings With Google Ads

Hotels are always looking for ways to expand their brand, and Google is the perfect advertising platform. With Google Hotel Ads you can advertise your availability or price on search engines in order to get more customers.

Millions of travellers use Google everyday to find places they could stay during holiday trips; whether it’s inspiration or information (or both). Recognizing this, Holiday Inn decided to shift a portion of their marketing budget from traditional to digital, and launched a unique PPC campaign to increase hotel bookings.


  • Promote brand loyalty and property personality
  • Utilize guest data to drive behavior-based marketing
  • Drive direct bookings and website conversions
  • Measure and quantify the impact of digital marketing


  • Secure direct bookings at the search engine stage of travel planning
  • Drive consistent web traffic of travellers seeking room rates
  • Create a strong emotional impact by underlining the hotel’s unique qualities
  • Targeted message offering up to 25 percent off the hotel’s seasonal rate
  • Created a “retargeting campaign” designed to re-market booking page visitors
  • Measured offline return on ad spend (ROAS) from digital ads


  • PPC bookings increased by 212%
  • Grew CTR by 33%
  • Attracted more travel agents to book rooms
  • Online revenue improved by 342% year over year

Whether you’re a hotel owner trying to fill your rooms or an online travel agent wanting to drive more leads, we make it easier than ever to connect with travelers at scale. Find out how we can help by requesting a free action plan.

Prompt, knowledgeable and effective.

The PROS always respond promptly to queries through ticketing and email, ensuring we receive accurate information so we can respond accordingly. This was especially beneficial during the first few months as we struggled to find our feet within the new system. We’re delighted with the success we’ve had working with this team, and look forward to continuing to benefit from their expertise in the future as we evolve our hotel booking strategy online.
Brittany T.
Head of Digital Marketing

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