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Why Work For The Search Engine Pros? – 25 Unique Points of Difference

Why Work For The Search Engine Pros? – 25 Unique Points of Difference


The Search Engine Pros core business model is built around helping authors,  startups,  small businesses and corporations obtain an optimized web site and develop an winning marketing strategy.  The company has helped launch over 400 successful web businesses since 2001.

The company employees assist clients alongside owner Taylor Reaume.  Work productivity is enhanced with the cutting edge project management center that offers a rolling cue of web “tickets” (paid projects) available to all team members to claim, complete and be paid for.

The Search Engine Pros founder, Taylor Reaume is passionate about helping his team achieve individual financial freedom and a thriving e-business that’s congruent with their passions, financial aspirations and work/life balance goals.

When you become a Search Engine Pro, our team directly assists you in centering on your passions and growing your own personal e-business (Your PASSION PROJECT).   New team members are offered over $30,000 in web business resources, personal access to the founder of the company to help them develop their e-business ideas.   We take your growth path seriously at The Search Engine Pros.

If your application is accepted, you’ll enjoy an opportunity to earn a nice income, while developing your knowledge of e-business with over $30,000 in resources, access to the founder, graduated salary increases and a path to true financial freedom with your very own e-business.

Get in touch:  Fill out the application  and start your interview process over Skype by sending a chat message to skype ID: SMARTCHOICEWEB

Why Work For The Search Engine Pros? – 25 Unique Points of Difference

Point of difference #1 – Feeling connected to a vibrant work culture.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were a part of a company that is fun and unique, and making a positive influence in the world?  At The Search Engine Pros you can talk with mentors, and feel connected to the social and cultural fabric of the company.  Our remote work force is kept informed of humanitarian endeavors and the moves in positive directions we strive to make every year.

Point of difference #2 – Fostering social interaction. We’ve adapted our business strategies to create opportunities for casual social interaction among employees by installing a social chat feature in our work environment, to establish interactive work opportunities for employees, and to develop better on-line supervision and mentoring relationships. Critics of telecommuting believe that Internet communication will never truly replace face-to-face contact, and to some degree, they’re right. The touch of a keyboard will never take the place of a strong handshake, a hug, or body language. But many of the social benefits of face-to-face interaction can easily be replicated in cyberspace if employers simply learn to utilize Internet technology to their advantage.

Point of difference #3 – Breaking unfair prejudices. We embrace on-line employment and believe that it has the potential to eradicate some very significant drawbacks of face-to-face contact in the workplace. The remote worker is judged and promoted based on his or her work product, not on physical attributes. When business interactions are conducted on-line, age and race discrimination are less pervasive. Disabled employees also have easier access to the “virtual workplace” than the physical office.

Point of difference #4 – Embracing Remote Work Life.  The technology of the Internet makes it possible for telecommuters to engage in interactive, team-based work from virtually any location.  Other Companies are rigidly institutional, and aren’t very receptive to remote working. Our company has embraced the remote workforce revolution and we believe this is one of the ways we have been able to stay competitive in recent years. The medium naturally fosters individualism and quickly uncovers the self starters.  As companies do more and more business with foreign companies and foreign employees, virtual teams are becoming a corporate necessity.

Point of difference #5 – Flexible Schedule.  Other Companies are very strict with working hours.  We find that when our employees have more freedom to design a schedule around the working hours, they tend to submit higher quality work.  The freedom of a flexible schedule coupled with concise tutorials creates a respectable work environment among our remote staff.

Point of difference #6 – Grow At Your Own Pace.  Our business model provides incentives to self starters employees that take on more responsibility and are hungry to grow their careers faster.  We have a pay structure in which employees could double and even triple their salaries based on how motivated they are to service clients.

Point of difference #7 – Working Smarter.   We are a community of smart web workers with a common goal of helping each other to realize a dream of owning a sustainable home based, income generating web business.

Point of difference #8 – Stepwise Guides.  Extensive tutorials and fast start guides supplied by founder Taylor Reaume offer a unique education on e-business.

Point of difference #9 – Your Voice.  Experience has taught us that most team members are unreceptive to authority figures who try to manage “from the top down”. By contrast, we empower our team members to be highly cooperative, actually help us create and enforce new rules.  The majority of project center rules are based on feedback from intra net polls we’ve conducted over the years.

Point of difference #10 – No Secrets.  We believe in full transparency and willingly provide team members with opportunities to advance their careers by utilizing company resources. For example, we offer online education that enhances our team members’ opportunities to add to their base of skills.

Point of difference #11 – Sane Work Flow.   Many companies are so disorganized that it makes helping them nearly impossible.  Tasks that are near impossible to complete (no matter how hard you try) due to the lack of clarity in the instructions.  You’ll love working for The Search Engine Pros if this is one of your big gripes at your last company.  The project center serves as a central command post were web workers can claim ownership of tasks and keep all work hyper organized inside of the ticket.   The unique organization created by the project center helps team members to stay sane.

Point of difference #12 – Employee Empowerment.   While The Search Engine Pros offers a standard “company ladder”, we highly encourage our team members to develop side projects around their passions, and encourage them develop their affiliate marketing skills.  At The Search Engine Pros, our work culture is like none other you may have experienced.   We offer powerful advancement opportunities and actually help team members move ahead in personal web projects.  As a team member, you are fully supported in your quest to financial freedom.   In return, you are expected to help our team forward the goals of our clients, which always come first.

Point of difference #13 – Powerful Perks.  Over the years, we’ve worked hard at developing our unique value proposition to attract high quality team members.  If you are a highly self motivated individual and a maverick in your discipline and you want to join a team of e-business pros, expand your knowledge of other disciplines, we invite you to learn more about the perks of becoming a PRO.   Team members enjoy full access to our web hosting resources, web design themes, web 2.0 graphics, PSD files, SEO Software, e-marketing tools, online video creation accounts, link building lists, email marketing resources, and more.  In addition, Team members are paid for each ticket completed based on an hourly rate.

Point of difference #14 – Caring & Sharing Work Environment.  We believe it’s essential to have a fun and unique work environment is at the core of a successful company.  We want our team members to feel that they are “getting ahead” with our company while we enjoy the mutual win win working relationship.   It’s Taylor’s goal to help every one of his team members achieve a healthy work/life balance that enables them to focus on their spiritual and personal development life goals.

Point of difference #15 – Elite Marketing Team.   Taylor typically hires only the best talent from across the freelance community.  When you join the Search Engine Pros, you will join a group of elite joint venture professionals ready to co-market on your personal e-business ideas. Our group of seasoned web professionals share knowledge and help one another grow faster, together.  Accelerate the growth of your network by adding value to smart friends at The Search Engine Pros.

Point of difference #16 – Help Following Your Passion.   In past experiences, the company has discovered that most super stars have a burning desire to enjoy the sense of pride that comes with to starting their own company.  We made a conscious choice as a company to focus on these types of “motivated” workers in our organization and created systems to foster their needs.  Rather than focusing on the typical 9-5’ers and developing a large corporate structure, we’re embracing a smaller, tighter knit structure of super stars, in a caring, sharing community of web pros.  We help you center on your passions in life, and start your very own e-business. A “growth path” is designed for all new employees to challenge them to design and launch an e-business around a passion that has monetization potential.

Point of difference #17 – Passion Projects.    Unlike other companies that discourage your side projects outside of work, we actually encourage you them!  Taylor asks all new workers to create a idea which is in line with their passions, and helps mentor them down the path to success with the project.  Full access to logo design, a cutting edge optimized 10 page WordPress site (valued at $20,000) and marketing support is provided.  Unlike other companies, we do not try to conceal secrets, limit resources or keep employees from getting ahead in their own path to true financial freedom.  Our workers are encouraged (rather than discouraged) to pursue their passion of starting their own profitable e-business while at the same time, getting paid for furthering the goals of The Search Engine Pros clients.

Point of difference #18 – Each One Teach One.   The Employee Exchange was designed to encourage team members to help each other grow through the art of reciprocity.  For example, you might be a Graphic Design Pro, and you might find that helping a Social Media Pro evolve his/her graphic design skills, in return for help building the social media side of your Passion Project.  Often this is a mutually rewarding exchange of education.    One of the unspoken rules of joining our community is that you try and be open to evolving your skills outside of your core expertise, in addition to using your core talents to help others along their respective growth paths.

Point of difference #19 – Employees Are King.    Other companies are profit focused, but we’re employee focused.  It’s important to understand that we are not a typical company.  Our team was assembled not just to help clients, but to help team members grow.

Point of difference #20 – Long Term Opportunity / Part Time Investment.   At other companies it might take you many years to get to the top, and they require you to work full time.   The Search Engine Pros are still a ground floor opportunity and we offer full and part time workers a flexible schedule to build their career with the company. While the employee exchange program is completely optional, it is also a great way to show founder Taylor Reaume, that you have a long term interest in sharing in the upcoming IPO of

Point of difference #21 – Get Paid To Do What You Love.    “The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play” –Toynbee    First and foremost, you have to love this work if you are to succeed with us.  While you’re developing your skills as an e-business pro with us, you’re also getting paid!   For us, e-business and affiliate marketing is a labor of love and we truly do love launching e-businesses.   If you asked one of our web pros about their extracurricular activities, most say they enjoy affiliate marketing in their spare time (Affiliate marketing is an Internet marketing discipline that involves promoting a product or service on the web).

Point of difference #22 – Get support from other PROS.  Need help with Social Media?  Seeking answers to a Google Adwords problem?  Stuck on a line of code with your WordPress Theme?  One of the unspoken rules of joining our work community is that you try and be open to evolving your skills outside of your core expertise, in addition to using your core talents to help others along their respective growth paths.

Point of difference #23 – Joint Venture Support.   We offer access to a 50+ joint venture partners.   E-Business and affiliate marketing is fast becoming one of the most attractive ways to earn a living in the new digital business landscape.  To succeed at affiliate marketing, one must build a team of smart associates on the web.

Point of difference #24 – Collaborative Approach.   Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best in “Everyone is my teacher in some way…”   We don’t think we know everything, and “doing everything on our own” did not work out so well in past ventures.  We believe Web alliances are the foundation of all successful e-businesses and one must add value to others to get ahead in business.   Your network is your net worth, and you’ll be joining a team of highly experienced web pros that want to help you forward your goals.  Ultimately, becoming a well rounded e-business PRO to us means adopting the “everyone has something to teach me” learning style and attitude.  Learning the secrets of all the disciplines is an important goal of a PRO.

Point of difference #25 – Ground Floor Opportunity.    The Search Engine Pros is one of the most experienced marketing firms on the web.  We are highly attractive to investors due to the fact that we have not taken Venture Capital yet, and not gone public.

As a team member, you are not obligated to help other team members, but when you do, you’ll gain credits in our system, which ultimately positions you in a higher ranking position when we take the company public.  All high ranking team members (based on the credits system) will benefit from potential monetary bonuses of an IPO, and a high paying salary position with the company.  The credits system is over and above your cash compensation, which is immediate, and necessary to keep your computer on. 😉  Participation in the credits system is totally optional and you need not worry about the credits system.  It’s just a way to show that you have a long term interest in the company.

We hope these points of difference give you greater insights into the perks of joining our team of web professionals.
To Your E-Business Success!
Taylor Reaume
P. 800-605-4988
Founder/e-Business Coach
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