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Web Branding and Online Marketing Professionals

Web Branding and Online Marketing Professionals

Get an entire marketing department for the price of a part time employee!
How to get 500% annual return on your 2012 marketing plan:
Step 1. Design a web site that captivates, informs and motivates your target audience to take action.
Step 2. Develop an annual content publishing plan detailing specific steps to success.
Step 3. Delegate execution of the plan to a team that delivers a true return on investment.

It's better to be different, than it is to be better..."

How To Get Ranked #1 in Google? 1. Add Massive Value. 2. Focus On User Experience 3. Co-Market With Complementary Businesses

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Innovation, not complication.

Proactive, not reactive.

Most Business Owners:  Spend $2,000-$5,000 on a web site, and $5,000 annually in marketing dollars trying out a mix providers-PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing (Unfortunately, none of the providers are communicating. The lack of synergy renders the effort inneffective)  Return on investment = ZERO

Smart Business Owners:  Spend $2,000-$5,000 on a web site, and $12,000 annually with one team, such as The Search Engine Pros, that controls the entire internet marketing and branding strategy with a cost effective mix of PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing.   Return on investment = CLICK HERE

PPC Pro : SEO Writer Pro : Link Builder Pro : Social Media Pro : Press Release Pro

 Design Pro : Data Research Pro : SEO Coder Pro : Affiliate Pro : Email Pro


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