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UGCX Oct 20-21 At The New Yorker Hotel

UGCX Oct 20-21 At The New Yorker Hotel

The Revolution of User Generated Content

Indeed, user generated content and social networks have made a great impact on almost every business, today.

They have been the major factors that lead any kind of business to succeed. If, you are an entrepreneur and you want to succeed in your venture, then consider incorporating this user generated content trend into your arsenal of marketing ideas, as it will allow you to have a big leap ahead of your competitors. If you are still a bit confused about what the “user generated content” means, start by attending Mediabistro’s UGCX conference.

What is Mediabistro and what is the conference all about?

Mediabistro is basically an online media company dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals (creative and non-creative professionals alike) working in the content or creative industry.

The UGCX or User Generated Content Conference and Expo, is one of the Mediabistro’s most popular events. At UGCX, Mediabistro is fulfilling its mission to provide a venue for individuals to meet, share resources, become informed of job opportunities and interesting projects and news, improve career skills, and showcase their works.

The UGCX this coming October 20 and 21, is actually the organization’s second conference to be held at The New Yorker Hotel. For the second time around Mediabistro is bringing people together who are building pathways towards online success and the people who are planning to add these pathways to their own businesses.

Looking back at the first UGCX last February 9-10, 2009 held at San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California; many visionaries and innovators in creating business odels, content creation, platform creation, new media and brand presence have come from around the country and made  the first ever expo a successful one.

I was fortunate enough to attend the San Jose event, where I held a booth for

I found the event to be a wealth of information, and a great place to meet new friends in the business of user generated content.  The connections I made last year stay with me today.

The San Jose event consisted of a team of experts of different fields, including Bruce Livingstone, founder and CEO of iStockphoto, Jim Caparro of Creative Partners, and Michael Liefer of Swirl and author of Social Currency, as well as the Craig Newmark, founder of
Craigslist had joined the inaugural UGCX keynote speaker lineup.  The conference program featured five tracks that include Social Content, Photography,Music, Video and Film and lastly, the Mash.

Now, in the upcoming UGCX this fall, user-generated content visionaries will feature three subjects:

First subject will talk about today’s businesses being the ‘New Ecosystem’”. Here, you’ll learn the best ways to incorporate the customer into your business plan to positively affect bottom line revenue.

Second, has the subject “Marketing through the ‘Voice of the Customer’”. One will learn how businesses and individuals should harness and take advantage of the powerful voice of the customer.

Last, subject will discuss about the content and its production, publication and distribution. This session will take a look at content production and consumption, and emerging media revenue models.

If you haven’t registered yet, be hasty now and count yourself in for only $195. If you missed out the first UGCX, don’t let this second chance pass you by.  I will be staying at the New Yorker Hotel Oct 20-21st.  My first time in New York.  Should be interesting to finally get to see the birthplace of the US!

About The Author: Taylor Reaume is a fortune 500 search engine optimization expert and founder of The Search Engine, based in Santa Barbara, CA.  Taylor helps companies increase traffic, improve conversions and maximize revenues.

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