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Free SEO tool launched by Search Engine Pros

Free SEO tool launched by Search Engine Pros

Free SEO Tool Launched by the Search Engine Pros

Santa Barbara, CA 1 November 2009– The Search Engine Pros Free SEO tool, Spider View, is now here to aid you keep track of your keywords in your content. This free SEO tool enables you to view a perspective from a search engine spider. Software robots, or bots, called spiders build lists of words they find on websites. This process is called crawling. Spiders crawl through web pages and index what they find. They also follow every link found within a web page. This practice of following links enables spiders to quickly travel across the web indexing pages. This free SEO tool will provide webmasters valuable insight into how search engines view their pages.

There are millions of websites and billions of web pages. Because of this, Google has sophisticated algorithms that determine how much time a spider can spend on your site. In order for your site to be displayed in the results pages, it is important that the spiders properly (and fully) index your website. This free SEO tool is invaluable in a webmaster’s construction of new pages.

Your goal is to create content that people will like to read and share with others (and hopefully link to). Make sure the following tactics are used so that the inclusions of keywords still sound as natural as possible (including the use of modifiers and synonyms of the selected phrase).

1. Use your most important keywords at the front of your page title.

2. Utilize relevant keywords for the H1 tag for page headlines.

3. Adjust your internal linking structure so that you are linking using relevant anchor text.

4. Label images and photos with your targeted keywords only if relevant (i.e. no unnecessary keyword stuffing).

5. There is no magical formula for how many times you should repeat your selected keyword phrase. However, it’s safe to say that using it at least two or three times throughout the body copy makes sense.

There are still a lot to know about search engines and the importance of keywords to keep your site Spider friendly and free from crawl errors. If, after using this free SEO tool, you see room for further improvement in your search engine optimization strategy, contact The Search Engine Pros specialists now and they’ll definitely keep you on track. Call them now at (800)605-4988 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800)605-4988      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or CLICK HERE for more information on affordable website optimization or affordable website management and marketing.

By utilizing The Search Engine Pros website optimization services and this free SEO tool, you are guaranteed multiple 1st page placements with Google, Yahoo and many other major search engines. You will receive more traffic than ever thought possible. Being on the Internet is essential in today’s marketplace, unfortunately being found is the biggest problem. Search engine marketing consultants will tell you that the most valuable commercial property in 2020 is going to be the first page of the search engines.

About The Search Engine Pros:
This new free SEO tool is one of many products and services offered by the Search Engine Pros, Search Engine Optimization Experts that specialize in small business seo plans and website management powered by the popular open source CMS code called Joomla! They help you obtain a user friendly website design with an seo friendly cms. They are located in Santa Barbara, Ca. They are a caring, sharing web development and web marketing firm that knows the path to e-business success for over a decade now.


Taylor Reaume
The Search Engine Pros
6 Harbor Way #209
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (800)605-4988

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