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Santa Barbara, CA – The Search Engine Pros, a Santa Barbara-based search engine marketing company, has launched a Mastermind Group community on its website and will begin its search for strategic partners this week.

A Mastermind Group is a loose alliance of businesses with similar strategic goals and complementary business models. A Mastermind Group can help business partners expand their marketing and advertising campaigns through cross-promotion, enter into mutually-beneficial product agreements, and share information about market segments and demographics. The community is a business cooperative where ideas and information are shared between partners in a manner that benefits all participants.

Taylor Reaume, the founder and president of The Search Engine Pros, described his company’s Mastermind group as a great way for promoting a business’ mission to like-minded business owners. Describing the optimal way to structure a Mastermind Group, he said, “I recommend you keep your Mastermind Group to 5-10 people are less. You should be selective about who joins your mastermind group. Keep it themed to complementary businesses only.”
Reaume, through his search engine marketing company, has developed a detailed system for developing strategic business alliances.

  • Register your company in the Search Engine Pros Mastermind Group, making sure to fill the form out completely: Once registered, you may begin inviting people to join your group.
  • Share and receive newsletters, blog reviews, links, and general support from the other members of the group. The purpose of the group is the pursuit of common business goals; it’s functionally different than social networking sites like Facebook in that the group is highly targeted and themed, and applies only to businesses.
  • Participate at a minimum level of 1 Newsletter mention per month (it goes out on the first of the month), 1 web site link, 1 web site page view (500 words), 1 Facebook or Twitter mention per month, and a best effort at word-of-mouth referrals.

Reaume’s process is simple yet can provide business owners with invaluable market insight and promotional assistance.

Want to know more about The Search Engine Pros Mastermind Group Community? Contact The Search Engine Pros specialists now. Call them at (800) 605-4988 or visit for more information on affordable website optimization or affordable website management and marketing.

About The Search Engine Pros:

The Search Engine Pros is a search engine marketing company that specialize in small business web site promotion. Located in sunny Santa Barbara, CA, they are a caring, sharing web marketing firm that knows the path to e-business success and can assist you with generating more calls from your web site.


Taylor Reaume

The Search Engine Pros

6 Harbor Way #209

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Phone: (800)605-4988

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