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SEO Workshop: "3 Common Website Deficiencies and How They Can Destroy Your Strategy" 6pm SB Vets Hall

SEO Workshop: "3 Common Website Deficiencies and How They Can Destroy Your Strategy" 6pm SB Vets Hall

It’s Educational. It’s Informative. Join Us!

The Monday SEO workshop is a group of local business owners talking about how to generate more leads from their website via google site optimization and pay per click. Attendees come to learn SEO and search engine marketing from other like-minded business owners who have developed effective internet marketing strategies.

When : Monday Nights 6pm-7pm 
Where : THE SANTA BARBARA VETERANS BUILDING 112 W. Cabrillo BLVD Santa Barbara, CA 93101


What’s The Topic This Week?

“3 Common Website Deficiencies and How They Can Destroy Your Strategy”

 Advertising today is shifting from offline to online, from push to pull, and from traditional to digital. This has created a ‘digital divide’ – a chasm separating digitally savvy marketers from traditional marketers.

The good news is that the basic principles of a successful marketing campaign have remained the same. Keeping the message out in front of people is still the main objective for most businesses looking to successfully market their brand.

Web sites are no longer optional. You absolutely need a smart publishing platform to get the word out on the web, and secure first page rankings on Google.

Did you know that more than 80% of consumers are making buying decisions based off of web-based advertising? This begs the question; “How do I get my business to be #1 on Google, the largest search engine on the web?”

Getting listed on Google in 2012 is not a matter of links, or content, but a matter of being “remarkable”. Links and content are important vehicles, but what matters most is that you and your business are remarkable in some way with your content and how you approach your customers.

“Content is king!” As you may have heard, but really it’s “remarkable, consistent, fresh content” that is king today on the web.

“A blog post a day keeps the robots from going away…” 

To be a superstar on Google and dominate the first page of their search engine listings, you have to be remarkable, not just in Google’s view, but to the target audience as well.

Modern day competitive business marketing strategy is largely a matter of publishing consistent; fresh, remarkable content that is. When you dominate the search listings, you keep your brand on top of mind. When your brand is top of mind in your market, you will dominate the competition.

Since fresh, remarkable content is king, companies that pre-plan content are winning at the search engine wars. Web sites that pre-plan content publishing are a big key to success in 2012 and beyond.

At the SEO Workshop we’ll discuss 3 common website deficiencies and how they can destroy your web marketing strategy. We’ll discuss why you need a web site and why web publishing is all the buzz today.

At prior workshops I’ve used the musician analogy.  Think of the musician who plans a big concert (read: content), and posts flyers around town (read: blog posts). On the day of the concert, if the lead singer is incoherent, less than remarkable, or takes the stage three hours late, the word of mouth, viral marketing, stickiness are all lost in mediocrity, and the concert is quickly forgotten.

The musician showing up to the concert, consistently, is analogous to the business owner writing a blog post, consistently. The content must be consistent, but also ‘remarkable’ to be effective, sticky. 

The Search Engine Pros are experts at developing internet marketing plans and keeping your brand on top of mind. We do this by creating classy, educational, engaging, entertaining content and helping you stay consistent with the execution of the plan.

E-marketing, like newspaper advertising, requires remarkable levels of consistency with brand messaging. The need to stay “top of mind” has not changed. What has changed are the vehicles that drive our brand messages. 

Consistency in advertising, both online and offline is a key ingredient to building massive emotional equity with customers, and emotional equity is the stuff that creates a “referral storm”. If you can connect with people on this level the likelihood of them buying what you are selling grows exponentially.

“What’s more important, the content or the web site?”

Creating the content is half the battle, but the tool you use for publishing is equally important. You also need a search engine friendly web site to publish the content. 

Once your content is created or “curated”, you’ll need a web site blog to deliver these delicious morsels of content to your target audience. You may have heard the term “CMS”, or content management system. A CMS is a fancy name for a smart web site with a blog that enables you to cost efficiently publish content to the world wide web.

“How does a web site build my network?”

Your network is your net worth, and growing your network is priority #1 in business. In order to grow your network, you must communicate specific messages to your network with a SEO friendly web site publishing platform. You need to find ways to efficiently add value to your network, so they’ll recommend you to their networks.

The web site is at the heart of your internet marketing strategy. It is the instrument that the musician plays on stage. It is your most important weapon on the business marketing battlefield.

“How is my competitor taking all my customers?”

Modern day marketing strategies are focused on building emotional equity through smart content publishing, through social media sites such as,,, and other pull-based marketing vehicles. When people see their friends recommending your brand, you will generate more referrals.

Modern day consumers are demanding that companies have a clean, classy web site run by a staff with expert listening skills. This presents a big problem for business owners that are not savvy with pull marketing platforms such as SEO and SEM. Conversely, it presents a big advantage for business owners that capitalize on the trend.

Permission based marketing methods (also known as ‘pull marketing’) such as social media and SEO require significantly more education than direct mailings. Your staff needs to learn how to efficiently take part in online conversations and must be trained in how not to represent the company online, and avoid creating a PR nightmare.

“We don’t have time to train our staff on social media?”

The Search Engine Pros, and companies like ours, invest years learning how to intuitively keep your company top of mind in a classy way. Training in house employees can be burdensome and time consuming.

Educating your staff on how to do social media marketing may take too much time. A concerted effort is needed. A team such as ours will do the heavy lifting as a baseline effort in this area of your business, educate your staff on how to augment our efforts, and enable you to stay focused on running the business.

As web branding and online marketing professionals, we help you design a web site that captivates, informs and motivates your target audience to take action. We create an annual content publishing plan detailing specific steps to success over a six month period. Finally, we execute on the plan, and keep your marketing consistent, all for the price of a part time monthly employee.

“Why should I come to this SEO Workshop thing?”

At the SEO workshop on September 23rd, we’ll discuss 3 common website deficiencies and how they can destroy your web marketing strategy.We’ll talk specifically about some very important bells and whistles you’ll want in your CMS, such as content scheduling, social media features and comment forms. 

You’ll pick up some handy tips on web site marketing strategy and also enjoy a networking opportunity with other local business owners. Bring your business cards, your lap top and an open mind.  Bring your own tips and share with the group! We hope to see you tomorrow at 6pm at 112 Cabrillo Blvd, The Santa Barbara Veterans Building, just a few steps from Sambos Restaurant.

“How much does it cost?”

We removed the fee! Instead we simply charge our guests by asking that they post a 1-2 sentence review of the workshop at our Fan Page.  Many  forget to do this!  We go to great lengths to prepare the workshops, and your support in helping us spread the word on Facebook is greatly appreciated. Do you love our workshops?  Well then don’t keep us a secret, help us spread the word.

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Get Online. Get Ranked.
Successful websites launch with 100 helpful articles In order to rank well on the internet’s largest search engines, you site must contain informative, original content that contains the relevant keywords from which you’d like to capture traffic. Part of the success of your business depends on your ability to generate top ranks on Google and other major search engines.

Join us for an hour filled with interesting conversations about online business. With over 81% of consumers making purchasing decisions online, web sites are no longer optional. If you have a good product or service, then driving traffic to your site is a matter of SEO. Taylor Reaume, The Search Engine Pros Founder, will discuss:

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Santa Barbara’s Only SEO Meetup Group

Learn SEO and internet marketing strategies at the weekly SEO meetup. Every Thursday at The Eagle Inn in Santa Barbara, California, The Search Engine Pros offer an SEO class that teaches ethical SEO strategies. Share ideas with other local business owners who have developed innovative internet marketing strategies.

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SEO With A Personal Touch

Tired of road blocks in your marketing campaigns? To make it to the championships you need a fully synchronized team effort. Does your web marketing team have the communication skills to help bring your visions to reality? The Search Engine Pros are practitioners of compassionate communication and social business. Work with a team that cares for all the right things. Inquire today. 800.605.4988

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