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6 Lucky Tips to Improve Your SEO

St. Paddys Day SEO Tips

Holiday Marketing SEO Tips
St. Patrick’s Day is for the wearing o’ the green. While we like that, Search Engine Pros believes in the making o’ the green when it comes to implementing search marketing strategies for clients. We always tell clients that great SEO marketing isn’t a matter of luck. It’s a combination of knowledge, dedication, and persistence. As a web marketing agency, we’re providing these six lucky tips to help improve your search engine optimization:

  1. Relevance: What you write on your blog must be relevant to the searcher’s keyword. Content optimization builds your site’s relevance. In addition to providing interesting content, it must be posted using meta tags, alt tags, headings and intrasite links.
  2. Longer Content: Despite supposedly shorter attention spans, longer content of 1000-2000 words shows up well in search engine rankings and also serves to demonstrate your authority. The only caveat is that the piece must be of high quality, or you will waste your own time and that of your readers.
  3. Back links: Search engines look for pages and sites that are connected to one another through links. This can be done by testimonials, reviews, blog comments and social media shares that let the search engines know that your site is respected by other web denizens.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Your marketing plan should interweave SEO and social media to expand your online reach. Social media posts which point to relevant website information or blog posts increase the amount of shares and “likes” for existing content.
  5. Build Relationships: Increase your trust factor by showing that others respect what you have to say. Over time, you will become more well-known by the company you keep in your link-building and social media strategies.
  6. Authority: Good content attracts attention, but being relevant builds authority. With a high search engine ranking and high number of links, prospects will tend to trust your online business presence more.

Don’t just select one point and focus on that. Each of these must be combined into an all-in-one, connected, online marketing plan. Each area needs to be functioning smoothly so that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. You won’t need luck to improve your SEO when you have Search Engine Pros as your marketing expert.

About Search Engine Pros: Search Engine Pros is a Santa Barbara online marketing agency offering top web design services, custom WordPress sites, social media consulting and SEO services. Visit the website at to sign up for a complimentary website analysis. “Like” the Facebook page for regular insights on web programming and SEO toolsCall 800-605-4988 to schedule a consultation, or visit the site and download a PDF copy of 101 Ways to Drive Traffic.

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  • Robert
    Posted at 3:57 pm, November 8, 2015

    These lucky SEO Tips should be highly considered by anyone who needs their website’s performance to improve. Search marketing strategies must be among the top priorities for any website owner. Take note that you need to incorporate all of these points and don’t just focus on one.

  • Kelly Hudson
    Posted at 5:05 pm, November 8, 2015

    You can’t just leave your site to luck but you can apply these lucky tips to help your website perform better than ever! You don’t have to rely on luck if you apply these SEO marketing tips. I agree with all of these tips and you definitely need to apply all of them for better results.

  • Miles Ohara
    Posted at 5:10 pm, November 8, 2015

    All of these tips are great, especially no. 1 and no. 3. I believe relevant content must be highly considered. Some website owners just place a lot of gibberish then let the keywords do the work. However, if you provide great relevant content in connection with keywords, better results will come along.

  • Sarah Thompson
    Posted at 5:13 pm, November 8, 2015

    These points are all needed to be applied to gain the much needed website performance improvement. It would be best to utilize all of these tips and incorporate all of them. Never choose just one or two, you need all! These tips come from a reputable source that’s why they are highly recommended!

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