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Need Google Friendly Code?


Google Friendly Code is important to generate thousands of targeted visitors to your web site every month. Simple edits to your web site can generate top ranks in 3-6 months time.  Google loves to send it’s visitors to web sites that follow the Google Guidelines.   Having an optimized web site is promotion that doesn’t sleep. Imagine having your own marketing and promotions company working exclusively just for you! One that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days every year. That’s the benefit of great SEO.

An SEO Manager will assist you with minutia of code optimization.  Having optimized code on your web pages is one of the most overlooked aspects of web business today.  Out of 10 business in a marketplace, usually it’s only one of them that really “gets” the concept of SEO, and usually they are the ones getting all the calls from the search engines. Code optimization is an ongoing process and involves 404 page creation, optimizing titles, metas, descriptions, fixing robots.txt file, installing Google analytics, installing Getclicky, setting up Google web master tools and uploading site map, checking for Google guideline compliance, fixing canonicalization issues, adding alt text to images, internally linking important key phrases on the site, making key suggestions as to improvement areas and organizing content into silos.  Your SEO Manager is also a key component of your internet business marketing strategy as they provide a consistent assessment and rating of the competition’s strategy.  With over 81% of consumers making buying decisions on the web, and less than 10% of the web sites out fully optimized, can you afford to ignore SEO?

Link Juice

Why optimize your website?


Higher ROI: SEO is the lowest cost way to build a business today. Dollar for dollar, SEO brings you a higher return on your Investment than comparable forms of marketing.  It takes money to make money, and spending money on SEO is a great investment into your company’s long term success.

Long Term Positioning & Recurring ROI: On the marketing battlefield, companies with the most long term competitive advantages will ultimately win in the end.  SEO creates a long term competitive advantage for your company.  SEO has a recurring ROI, unlike other forms of marketing.  “What goes on the web, stays on the web…”  There’s a sense of permanence with SEO marketing that’s unlike any other promotional effort.

Google Organic Crawl

Generate Targeted Traffic At Your Web Site: All great marketing comes down to three things; getting the right message in front of the right people, at the right time.  An SEO Copywriter will help you write strategic content to accomplish this goal.

Geo Targeting Search Strategies

Promotion that Doesn’t Sleep: Imagine having your own marketing company working exclusively for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days every year. That’s the benefit of SEO.

Increase Brand Visibility: SEO can give your brand more exposure on the web. More exposure increases your brand visibility.  Increasing your brand visibility means more customers will know like and trust your product or service, and will be more likely to buy from you.  Optimized web sites generate higher rankings in Google which lead to increased sales of your product or service.


Faster Loading Pages: Properly validated and optimized files will be smaller and leaner, meaning you’ll capture more of those impatient web surfers and transform them to sales or leads.

SEO Is Cost-Effective: SEO is among the most cost-effective ways of marketing today. When it comes to generating more business for your company, the lowest cost way to build a company today is through search engine optimization.

SEO Increases Accessibility And Makes It Easy For Customers To Buy: Observing sensible optimization procedures can make your site more accessible to all users and ensure that visitors have a pleasant user experience. Your SEO Coder will help you objectively consider the web site from the customers point of view.  All too often web sites do not take the customer into consideration and think from a customer perspective.

SEO Focuses On Cross-Browser Compatibility: If you web site cannot be viewed properly in all browsers, this means you’re losing huge market share. Checking your web site in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers is important to ensure the maximum number of people can view your site without errors.  A web site must be consistent in all browsers so that it can be viewed by the greatest potential number of visitors online.

Don’t Make It Difficult For Google To Crawl Your Site: Is your site a “Google Killer” ?  A web site should be easily accessible to the search engines – easy to index and categorize.   If the search engine spider get lost at your web site, or stop crawling, you’ll never outrank your competitors sites on Google.

Keyword Optimization

How will I measure return on investment? Your SEO Manager will setup an initial traffic and rank report to determine your existing traffic and ranks to set a benchmark.  The most common measurement is a weekly rank report and Google Analytics.  SEO Managers are constantly trying to stay ahead of search engine updates and keep your web site compliant with the ever evolving search engine guidelines. The goal of the SEO Manager is to consistently optimize the web site code for high search term key phrases.  The SEO Manager is also available to help you complex (and often critical) decisions regarding web design and impacts on search engine traffic.

Traffic Bumps

Will my SEO Manager perform an audit of my web site? Yes.  Your SEO Manager will perform a complete and detailed report for you.  The report reveals the most important issues that are holding you back from getting top ranks on Google, such as duplicate content, hidden, invisible or misspelled text and canonicalization issues. Often times people will knowingly, or unknowingly “trick” search engines by stuffing paragraphs of invisible text on their web pages. Google and other search engines now have technology to seek out these black hat SEO practices. Don’t do it! You could get banned entirely. This same rule applies for spelling. Spell checking is becoming important as search engines are moving to auto correction during searches.  Having a good SEO manager keeps a watchful eye on content blunders that could be the “invisible conversion destroyers” for your internet business.


Will the SEO Manager fix canonicalization issues? Yes. According to the Google Guidelines, a 301 redirect should be setup on your site which redirects the non www version to the www version of your site (or vice versa). This is to help Google avoid duplicate content issues in Google’s index.

Duplicate Content SEO

Will the SEO Manager fix my Doc Type Tag? Yes. The DOCTYPE tag should sit on the VERY first line of code for IE5 and IE6 – otherwise these browsers will revert to “quirks mode”. Check on your page source right now to see if there is a line of whitespace before the doctype.

Will the SEO Manager setup Google Webmaster Tools? Yes. Google Webmaster Tools is a free service that helps you determine key issues that Google might dislike about your web site. For example, it will reveal 404 errors and whether or not your site map is uploaded and configured properly.  Your SEO Manager will setup your Google Webmaster Tools and provide you a login that you will own.

Will the SEO Manager setup and optimize my Google Site Map? Yes. In order to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, you need to implement two different types of site maps at your website. The first is for the Google spider specifically and it’s called your XML site map. The 2nd is for your visitors primarily and it’s called your User Site Map. There are two types of site maps 1.) Google XML site map, which you must upload through your free Google Webmasters Tools area, and 2.) a Web page site map, for user friendliness.

Search Engine Sitemaps

Will the SEO Manager setup and optimize my Google Analytics account? Yes. Google Analytics helps you analyze your web site traffic.  Your SEO Manager will setup Google Analytics, and install conversion tracking code. Typically this is a Thank you page for your newsletter opt in, or a Thank you page for your Contact Us Form, or a Thank you page after a product is purchased.  Your SEO Manager will require you to contact your web designer, and ensure these Thank you pages are setup prior to us installing the code. After you provide the exact location of your success pages, your SEO Manager will login and install your Google Analytics Conversion Tracking code. To find your success pages, visit your site, and go through the process of opting into your newsletter, or buying a product, or submitting a contact form.

Will the SEO Manager setup Get Clicky Tracking Code? Yes. GetClicky is a real time web analytics service that offers 3 things Google Analytics does not: 1.) real time analytics 2.) twitter monitors 3.) email reports delivered in web 2.0 format in the body of the email (no pdf, no login).

Will the SEO Manager optimize my website titles and meta tags? Yes. High rankings on Google and other search engines are the result of optimized web page content and good incoming links. Your SEO Manager is 100% focused on optimizing your web page content. By optimizing your web page content, you tell search engines for which keywords you want to be found. Search engines can only give your web page a high ranking for a certain keyword if your web page is relevant to that keyword. Make sure you have your target keywords in your titles, h1 tags, page urls, metas, body area, breadcrumbs and image alt tags.

Image SEO

Will the SEO Manager internally link important keywords? Yes. This is called internal linking at your web site.  Think of Wikipedia and how they link certain keywords to other areas of their site.  Both the Google spider, and your web site visitors will love web sites that do this.  Your SEO Manager will include anchor text links on your web page articles and ensure proper keyword density. If you vary the keywords that you use you will give yourself a better chance of getting free traffic from the search engines. Many search engine specialists think that the search engines look for a keyword density of around 2-3%. This means that for every 100 words that you write you will need to mention the keyword 2-3 times. Try not let this affect your style of writing. It is important to keep the information interesting to your readers.

Will the SEO Manager optimize your 404 page and 301 page. Yes. 404 / 301 pages will be setup at your web site.  Why?  Google says it helps them analyze problem areas at your site (which are then revealed in your Google Analytics), and also provides your visitors with a user friendly option to return to your homepage. A 404 page explains to the user that the page does not exist, and gives them an option to return to the homepage. Sadly, most websites do not have a 404 page, and their visitors feel like that monkey Russia shot into space. A custom error page will be an added feature and advantage to your website. Avoid 301 page redirection unless you are truly redirecting your website to another domain. Don’t take chances of having your site banned like in 2006. A “302 redirect” command is an invitation for getting your site banned, since search engines don’t like temporary redirects. Source:

301 and 302 Redirects Explained301 SEO

Will the SEO Manager help optimize my Robots.txt file? Yes.  The SEO Manager loves to optimize Robots.txt files!  By optimizing your robots.txt file, you will greatly enhance your page rank. The robot exclusion standard, also known as the Robots Exclusion Protocol or robots.txt protocol, is a convention to prevent cooperating web spiders and other web robots from accessing all or part of a website which is otherwise publicly viewable. Robots are often used by search engines to categorize and archive web sites, or by webmasters to proofread source code. Optimized Robots.txt files increase page rank, which increases rankings.

Robots txt File Explained

Will  the SEO Manager help with competitor research? Yes.  Your web strategy these days is the Himalayas, everything else is the Cascades. Those companies that invest into deep competitor research will outflank their competitors on the marketing battlefield.  In today’s fast paced marketing landscape, you will want a good SEO general at your side.  Your SEO Manager will gather a wealth of competitor intelligence, including keyword strategy, seo strategy, strengths and weaknesses.  The internet makes it very easy for you to do competitor research. Especially when it comes to SEO and internet marketing.

Will the SEO Manager help me identify my complimentary business categories? Yes. Your SEO Manager will help you research and discover complementary business categories for you. Complementary business partners, or “centers of influence” are a vital cross promotional online marketing strategy today.

Will the SEO Manager help with DMOZ Submissions? Yes.  DMOZ Is the largest, most trusted internet directory and your SEO Manager will help with DMOZ submissions.

Below is a typical success path:

Month 1:

-Needs Analysis

-Discovering improvement areas

-Competitor & Keyword Research

Month 2:

-Setup Analytics, Thank You Pages, Goals

-Create your online persona

-Discussing SEO strategy

Month 3:

-Optimizing Titles, Metas, H1 Tags

-Installing Twitter & RSS Feeds

-Discussing SEO strategy

Month 4:

-Page rank sculpting

-Optimizing high bounce pages & outbound links

-Discussing SEO strategy

Month 5:

-Continuous code improvement

-Brainstorming new ideas for on site SEO

-Discussing SEO strategy

Month 6:

-Finding the optimal balance of branding & SEO

-Staying compliant with Google Guidelines

-Discussing SEO strategy


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