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Why Work For Search Engine Pros?

Let’s start by saying Search Engine Pros aren’t your typical company. If you are looking for a 9-5 office job where you aren’t challenged and won’t be given any responsibilities, then you’re in the wrong place. If you are looking for more freedom in your work environment and you want to be a part of a team of forward thinking web professionals, then look no further.

Can We Send You A Check Each Month?

Marketing Santa Barbara, CA

Calling all expert communicators and internet marketers…

We are a well-known name within the SEO industry, and we enjoy a reputation for being search marketing experts. We have offices in Santa Barbara, CA and just over 14 staff in total.

At Search Engine Pros, we hire superstars that operate without much oversight, and know how to get the job done right the first time.

We contribute regularly to many of the leading industry blogs, and we offer a weekly web marketing conference for community of Santa Barbara, CA. Each year we speak at several conferences in Los Angeles, and around the Central California area.

We are a culture of humanitarians and we strive to spread awareness for causes in our region, as well as abroad.

You’ll be joining a team of motivated individuals constantly trying to get better at what they do. You’ll enjoy a fun work culture with bright web professionals that all have one thing in common, to earn a living as affiliate / web professionals.

Most of all, you’ll be joining an ambitious and healthy company with an abundance of opportunities on the horizon.

We are very selective when hiring new team members, but our clients and conference attendees expect nothing less from us.

Smile, It’s Contagious!

Taylor Reaume


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