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Search Engine Marketing Consultants: 5 Coveted SEO Secrets

Search Engine Marketing Consultants: 5 Coveted SEO Secrets

SEO Secrets from Search Engine Marketing Consultants:
What Are 5 Coveted SEO Secrets?

Search engine optimization is something you can use to bring in more people to your website. In bringing more traffic to your site, you will make more sales. It’s just that simple really, bring in more, and sell more. So why does search engine optimization cost so much at times to have people help you? Actually you should be able to find Search Engine Marketing consultants who will charge you less money.

But that’s not what we are discussing today. Today is all about the five coveted SEO secrets that you should know. Of course, the tips revealed here may not be what everyone would consider the five most important. It will depend on who you talk to when discussing SEO secrets. Heck, we may even give you a few extra hints for your benefit.

First you need to make sure that you use keywords, and in doing so you should conduct keyword research, too. This research will give you what people will place in as a keyword when they search for a product. You should never think you know all the keywords, because you don’t. People could be looking up your product via a keyword you’d never even consider. This is one of the SEO secrets that few people pay much attention to.

Make sure that your site is one that is friendly to use with search engine optimization. Either hire search engine marketing consultants who know how to set up a site that can be used easily with internet marketing techniques in mind, or design it yourself. Just avoid things that will not help your site out one bit. These things include such things as 404 errors, graphics being used instead of text, poorly written codes, and sparse text. Again, this is another of the many SEO secrets that are sometimes not heeded.

For each page of your website you need to have a different title — pretty much one of the best kept SEO secrets. Not just one word different, but a whole new creative sounding title. It’s a very simple process and one that shouldn’t really take you a lot of time to think of. With unique content that is placed on your website, make sure that it is informative. Don’t mix up ideas, but stay focused on what the content on that specific page is.

Keywords are very important when it comes to search engine optimization, well actually the biggest and most important of the SEO secrets. So when you create domain names you want to use those keywords if possible. Try and state the keywords in your domain name, but don’t overdo it either. You want a site name that is easy to remember, but you need to focus as much on those keywords as possible. The best search engine marketing consultants will tell you that using unintuitive domain names for the sake of search optimization can be counterproductive.
Don’t forget that keywords also need to be put throughout articles that are written too. However, you can also overdo the usage of keywords. Making the article seems too disjointed and not informative enough even. So when looking for a good mix of keywords and information, try to stick below 4% keyword usage. Some search engine marketing consultants put too much emphasis on certain keywords, reducing its natural search ranking.

Many search engine marketing consultants are out there willing to help you set up a fantastic site. Bringing in those people via these SEO secrets should be something you learn. It’s one of the hottest ways to advertise and possibly the only way that will continue to work.

Taylor Reaume is author of this article on SEO Secrets. Find more information about Search Engine Marketing Consultants here.

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