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Sb Wellness Directory Is A Great Resource

Sb Wellness Directory Is A Great Resource

The Santa Barbara Wellness Directory

The Santa Barbara Wellness Directory has become the definitive source for holistic health services and products in the Santa Barbara-Ventura area of California.

Now in its 8th year of operation “The Directory” proudly represents and promotes over 200 local wellness practitioners from dozens of practices, disciplines and industries – from Massage to Acupuncture, Yoga to Solar panels and beyond.

When we started in 2003, many people said “You can’t market “Wellness”” – but we didn’t and don’t agree. If our healers, musicians and artists can’t pay their rent we’re all in trouble. Throughout history, these folks would have been seated next to the Queen & King, and their gifts were revered and protected – for very good reason.

Q: Why are there so many Blind Bards in literature?
A: Because if the Bard was talented, they were made made blind so they could not leave town.

We have witnessed many websites attempt to do something similar over these years, but sadly few have survived. The Wellness Directory is a tangible manifestation of the right-left hemispheres of the brain – “marketing wellness” – an entity whose time has come, and is always an exercise of balance, and patience.

With this knowledge and conviction, we are determined to assist to flip conventional “wisdom” on its head, and render Wellness an economically viable, and even thriving industry.

And so, it is very rewarding to watch this beautiful little “child” grow into adolescence, especially at this time in our common path, when healing is so necessary.

We have lots of exciting developments unfolding presently so please be sure to visit to share and take part in our progress.

Prepare to be inspired!

Al Marcelline,
Founder & President

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