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Santa Barbara Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Santa Barbara Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Need help with your Santa Barbara social media marketing strategy?

Consumers now co-author the stories brands’ tell. Push is now pull and monologue is now dialogue.

Social Media is the newer, better, faster way to reach customers.


To grow your presence on the web, you need a smart social media marketing strategy. Many folks are turning to online marketing platforms to grow their business because over 81% of buyers make purchasing decisions online. As the web has grown and Google has become more sophisticated, the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been merging with social media marketing, as well as traditional marketing, with emphasis on branding, framing, story telling, user engagement, viral marketing, and public relations.   For example, Google is now crawling the Facebook Fan pages, which means that the words you use on social media have an impact on your SEO.

Social Media MarketingDid you know that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 40-60 years old?  In the old days, we used to network in the coffee shops, nowadays, it’s all happening on social media sites.  Social media sites are like personal newspapers of people’s lives.  Some call it “lifestreaming”.

Smart companies are building massive emotional equity with social media sites.  Educational marketing on these social sites, if executed properly (value adds, not pitches), will significantly boost your income.

Permission based marketing is more important than ever today.  Boost your “likes’ and your “followers”, and you’ll boost your sales and profits.

Someone with experience in SEO, is someone who understands how people search for information (on the web and in other ways) and ensures that they or their clients are visible in the unpaid (organic) listings. A social media marketer is someone that ensures your business presence stays top of mind on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Get people to know, like & trust you!


Santa Barbara Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Q: Does a Santa Barbara social media marketing firm help with maintaining my Local Listings?

A: Santa Barbara social media marketing firms in general do not help with local listings.  However, at Search Engine Pros, WE DO!   Your social media manager will help build positive content on your local sites such as Google Local, Yelp and many others.  Local Search enables users to find businesses and services within a specific geographic region. A Local Search Listing gives your business instant locally targeted exposure online.  It’s important for your business to find a smart Santa Barbara social media manager that knows how to create and submit your Local Profile live to Google Maps, Yahoo Local Listings, Bing and –many Santa Barbara social media manager falls short here.  Submitting to local sites will help your business tap into local search engine traffic and deliver more potential customers in your local area. Local Search Optimization is an ongoing tasks that takes many months to start generating traction.  In our Santa Barbara social media workshop, business owners report that the day they got into the number ranks on Google Plus Local was the day everything changed, and they started getting 5-10 calls per day.

Q: Does a Santa Barbara social media marketing firm help create social sites?

A. Yes.  Your Santa Barbara social media manager will also help you create and optimize Social Sites like Facebook. There are a number of other social web sites that your social media manager can create. By optimizing your content, you tell search engines which keywords are important to you. Search engines can only give your web page a high ranking for a certain keyword if your web page is relevant to that keyword. Make sure you have your target keywords in your titles, h1 tags, page urls, metas, body area, breadcrumbs and image alt tags.

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Facebook and Twitter are in many respects becoming more important than your actual company web site these days.  As search engine specialists, we’re helping you in a unique way with your social media strategy.  We’re different because we think from the search engines perspective, and we know that it’s not enough to just have a compelling copy.  Marketers create compelling copy.  Create compelling copy that is optimized for both humans AND the search engines.

Q: Do Santa Barbara social media marketing campaigns increase the number of friends I have on Facebook and Twitter?

A. Yes. Your social media manager connects you to centers of influence in your industry, and adds value to them by retweeting their articles and doing other value adds.  More twitter followers means more brand visibility and traffic.  Your Social Media Manager posts niche related news articles on your twitter for you. More tweets = more viewership and traffic.  Need to add Facebook Friends? No problem, we’ve got you covered. More facebook friends = more viewership and traffic.

Q: Do Santa Barbara social media marketing campaigns include DIGGS?

A. Yes.  Your Social Media Manager will DIGG Your articles. Diggs are the most popular social bookmarks to have on your article. is one of the social bookmarking sites that search engines pay attention to the most.  They increase the popularity of your article which in turn increases rankings.

Q: Do Santa Barbara social media marketing campaigns include YOUTUBE optimization?

A.  Yes, your Santa Barbara social media marketing manager will help you get more views and make comments on your Youtube Videos. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google, and more Youtube votes increases your rankings in the Youtube Search Engine.   This will in turn increase the popularity of your video and help to increase rankings.

Successful websites launch with 100 helpful articles In order to rank well on the internet’s largest search engines, you site must contain informative, original content that contains the relevant keywords from which you’d like to capture traffic. Part of the success of your business depends on your ability to generate top ranks on Google and other major search engines.

Get an entire marketing department for the price of a part time employee!

Santa Barbara Social Media Marketing Pros

Step 1. Design a web site that captivates, informs and motivates your target audience to take action.
Step 2. Develop an annual content publishing plan detailing specific steps to success.
Step 3. Delegate execution of the plan to a team that delivers a true return on investment.

Ready to get started?  Inquire with Search Engine Pros today – your Santa Barbara Social Media Experts.

Santa Barbara Web Marketing Team Testimonials

About the Author: Taylor Reaume is a fortune 500 web marketing consultant from Santa Barbara, CA and founder of Search Engine Pros. Services provided include: Google search marketing, SEO copywriting services, ethical search engine optimization, internet marketing courses, seo consultation, seo positioning. Search Engine Pros is a Santa Barbara web marketing agency that provides a full range of web marketing services, including social media consulting, top web design, custom WordPress, web programming, and marketing SEO services. Visit the website at for a complimentary Google rank analysis. “Like” the Facebook page for regular insights on WordPress SEO. Call 800-605-4988 to request a complimentary copy of 101 Ways to Drive Traffic.About the Author: Taylor Reaume is a fortune 500 web marketing consultant from Santa Barbara, CA and founder of Search Engine Pros, a full service web marketing agency providing a range of web marketing services, including social media consulting top web design, custom WordPress, web programming, and marketing SEO services. Visit the website at for a complimentary Google rank analysis. “Like” the Facebook page for regular insights on WordPress SEO. Call 800-605-4988 to request a complimentary copy of 101 Ways to Drive Traffic.

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  • Posted at 8:47 am, July 4, 2012

    This article was extremely helpful to understand how valuable social media marketing is in today’s society. It answered many of the questions I had about how those sites can help business marketing. Thanks!

  • Tony Lee
    Posted at 8:51 pm, July 26, 2012

    I really enjoyed looking at the info-graphics you had here on this blog post! I see that Digg is a strong supporter in the social marketing part of things. I am also happy to see that social marketing became so helpful for online business all around.

  • Flores Elaine
    Posted at 3:28 pm, July 29, 2012

    I’m a new small business owner and yours help guide me with my marketing plan and website. We’ll work with you to combine social and traditional media strategies to get your story heard. Keep up the great work.

  • Katie Pickering
    Posted at 8:16 am, July 30, 2012

    Your marketing strategy looks interesting. I would love to avail of your services.

  • melissa
    Posted at 11:07 am, August 4, 2012

    I am interested for months how to promote online. So far I have used social networks – Twitter, Facebook – to keep in touch with friends. But I met friends online. Important what I learned from you: that social networks bring important traffic.

  • Madi
    Posted at 8:09 am, August 5, 2012

    I did not understand the importance of having social media accounts aside from Facebook and Twitter until I’ve watched your video and read the article. Now I know that a social media manager could help a lot in the improvement of my ranking. Thanks a lot for your insights!

  • Rick
    Posted at 3:41 pm, August 6, 2012

    I learned so much about social media after watching your video. I also relied on Twitter and Facebook and believed that was enough. Thanks for opening my eyes and now I know it is not in order to create a successful social media campaign.

  • Randy
    Posted at 4:05 pm, August 13, 2012

    Social media marketing is absolutely a must for businesses to take advantage of in today’s world. This is the future. Great post.

  • Kim
    Posted at 5:14 am, August 14, 2013

    Now I know how social media websites and social bookmarking websites are helping the businesses. Thanks to this article!

  • Candy
    Posted at 12:59 am, August 20, 2013

    Nowadays, using social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, multiply, etc. is said to be the most efficient and cost- effective approach in business marketing. Hence, Santa Barbara social media marketing firm, The Search Engine Pros, can greatly help local business enterprises manage their online marketing strategies. Thank you for imparting this reliable resource!

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