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Santa Barbara SEO Workshop – Designing The Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy

Santa Barbara SEO Workshop – Designing The Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do You Need Help Staying On Top Of Social Media Marketing, Monitoring A Brand, Running Contests, Engaging Customers On Facebook & Twitter & Fostering A Community Of Highly Targeted, Emotionally Charged Customers?

Did you know that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 40-60 years old?  In the old days, we used to network in the coffee shops, nowadays, it’s all happening on social media sites.  Social media sites are like personal newspapers of people’s lives. Some call it “lifestreaming”.  Smart companies are building massive emotional equity with social media sites.  Educational marketing on social sites will double your business this year, if executed properly (value adds, not pitches).  Did you know that Google is now crawling the Facebook Fan pages?  Social media marketing also helps your SEO efforts (nice dual benefit).  Permission based marketing is more important than ever in 2011 and beyond.  Boost your “likes’ and your “followers”, and you’ll boost your sales and profits.  At this week's Santa Barbara SEO Workshop we will be discussing how to design the perfect social media marketing strategy for your business in 2011-2012.  Come down and network with local businesses and enjoy an hour filled with interesting conversation about social media marketing.  For details visit


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