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Why Customers Choose The Search Engine Pros

Why Customers Choose The Search Engine Pros

Why are THE SEARCH ENGINE PROS the best choice for your online marketing team?

1. Experienced vs. Learning On Your Dime: The Search Engine Pros have been doing SEO work for over 9 years and has established long term relationships with many clients. Many SEO firms are learning on your dime.  As a result, they usually have negative reviews online.  In fact most SEO Companies have a number of negative comments about them online.  The Search Engine Pros are proud to not have 1 negative comment about our company online.

2. Innovation vs. Complication: Part of the success of your business, depends on your ability to get a top rank on Google.  Getting a top rank on Google can be complex  and having a partner that can help you navigate the waters is critical to the success of your business.  Over 81% of consumers are now making purchasing decisions online.  Traditional marketing firms are still charging $4-5,000 per month to manage your marketing.  The Search Engine Pros guides clients on the same traditional marketing principals, while at the same time accomplishing the innovative e-marketing tasks in THE SEO SUCCESS PLAN.  The end result is a more effective overall ROI for your marketing dollars.

3.  Transparent vs. Obscure: Our e-marketing plan is unique, effective and packed with labor intensive tasks, all of which are 100% transparent on our web site.  Other web firms opt to not show their work list for fear of being ‘held’ to specifics.  The Search Engine Pros goal is to bring clarity and light to ‘fair’ pricing when it comes to SEO and PPC.  We offer the antidote to obscure e-marketing costs.

4.  Action vs. Talk: We take action very seriously.  The Search Engine Pros believes talk will only get our clients so far.  What you need is a team that will take action on the work it recommends.  This is a key difference to consider when comparing firms.  Traditional marketing firms have difficulty guiding your online strategy, but those that will, will likely cause more damage that good.  Often times you will get only 1 piece of the puzzle, rather than an all encompassing e-strategy that brings results.  The Search Engine Pros aims to be your partner in online success.  Your success is our success.    We are the only firm in Santa Barbara that offers a complimentary workshop every Thursday at 5:30pm to help you increase your awareness of SEO, PPC, SEM and e-marketing.

SEO is labor intensive work.   The Search Engine Pros have fine tuned the SEO process to make it easy for you to get rankings on Google and other major search engines. We are one of the few firms that have not turned to automated models of selling pieces of an SEO strategy.  Our approach consists of a full strategy of high impact tasks that get results.

The Search Engine Pros is working towards franchising the company with the help of Franchise Match Maker. As e-business grows and becomes more a part of our lives, storefronts will be more common place, and our goal is to be to first SEO company to successfully franchise to every street corner in America. We are seeking investors – mail us here.

It’s important to reflect on why you should consider online marketing in the first place.  The statistic business owners need to keep in mind is that fully 81% of consumers are now making purchasing decisions on the web. The web now co-authors the stories brands tell.  In the old days, we networked in the coffee shops, nowadays it’s all done on facebook, twitter and linkedin.  The fastest growing demographic on facebook is 40 year old to 60 year olds.   Astonishing numbers.  It’s no wonder savvy business owners are starting to look more closely at SEO and online marketing.

So, tell me the 50,000 foot view of THE SEO SUCCESS PLAN – and keep it simple – I’m not a techie okay?

Phase 1: This is where we spend a 60+hours researching the market for you, and guiding you on the keyword research and helping you create a blue-print for SEO SUCCESS.

Phase 2: Phase 2 is where we write 10 SEO articles (1 per keyword ) and a variety of other SEO Best practices to make sure you are not actually “hurting’ your chances at getting Google rankings.  We are cleaning up your house, before inviting over your guests.

Phase 3: Now comes the fun part –  “the macro” of the SEO Campaign.  This is where most of the traffic seems to come in with our clients.  Phase 3 is the link building phase where we execute on a variety of back linking strategies to help you build back links to your site.  A back link is similar to a vote for your company on the web. The 10 SEO articles we write for you, are sent out to 1000’s of article directories in phase 3, thus building lots of backlinks for you.  Article marketing is educational marketing.  You are striving to 1.) help people along their paths before asking to be helped back and 2.) showing people you have a passion for what you do.  These things are critical to your success on the web.

We help you each month to submit online press releases to 100’s of press release outlets, we build back links in social media web sites, relevant blogs, forums and industry sites in your niche.  This back linking will result in many new roads into your web site.   This is a real strategy for your business, not just simply links and content. You might as well save your money in that case.  SEO must be executed in a very specific way to get results.  We’re talking about ethical results here, not the kind of results that come from tricks that will get you banned from Google faster than you can buy a domain name.

It all starts with a deep discussion about your target market.  What kinds of people are going to be attracted to what you’re offering?  Next, what keywords do those people type into Google when they go searching for you online?  Finally when those people land on your web site, what action do you want them to take?

Consider hiring The Search Engine Pros online marketing pros to help you do this critical thinking.

SO WHY DO SEO? SEO Builds your credibility on the web, and provides you a perpetual stream of new customers.  For the most part, OFF SITE SEO is referring to back links (vote for your web site online).  ON SITE SEO (fixing your web site pages) is more about minimizing the damage you are doing to your chances of getting a rank in Google.  This is a key distinction that often times trips people up.  ON SITE SEO is less important (in our opinion) to the overall online marketing strategy, but still important.  Subtle changes can help your overall rankings significantly when done correctly.  At our SEO workshops you might hear us say, “it’s all about the back links“.  What does that mean?  What the heck is a back link anyways?

Back links will help your phone ring. Think of a back link as the online version of someone recommending your company offline.   This is why we prefer SEO over all of the other marketing mediums. SEO consultants believe that the most effective way to build a business is through positive word of mouth, not just offline, but also online.  SEO, to us is about taking that offline word of mouth concept and applying it to the internet. We want every complimentary business recommending you online.   One of the perks of SEO as your preferred marketing medium is that what goes on the web, stays on the web, and continues to provide value to your company into the future.  Direct mail pieces hit the recycling yard sometimes days after being sent out.

SEO is known for great returns in the long term with an additional side benefit as a credibility enhancer.   Striving for strategic partnerships online can lead to a beautiful relationship with a strategic partner that sends you thousands of leads every month…This is a big benefit of SEO.   Lastly, when selling your e-business, typically the first thing investors look at when purchasing an Internet Business, 1. How much traffic/ranks. 2.  How many email newsletter subscribers. SEO articles draw large amounts of traffic to your site.   The Search Engine Pros are an investment in your business, not a purchase.

One thing is for sure –the Internet is here to stay, and it’s where anything gets noticed these days..   Those companies getting a head start on SEO will be more successful than their counterparts.

To Your Search Engine Success!
Taylor Reaume
Founder / E-Marketing Strategist

Santa Barbara Internet MarketingWeb Marketing and E-Business Strategist Taylor Reaume

Taylor Reaume is author of this article on why SEO is an important part of your marketing arsenal. Looking for more information about  ethical search engine marketing?

Dial 800.605.4988 to get your no cost web site evaluation and 30 minute consultation.

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