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With over 600 projects under our belt, you’ll benefit with a cutting edge web branding and online marketing strategy that’s designed specifically around your goals.  Search Engine Pros believe in 110% Customer Satisfaction.  For this reason, you will not find a single negative remark on Google or any other search engine about our firm.  We follow the golden rule of business:  overdeliver + underpromise = customer fanaticism.


Santa Barbara Web Marketing Team TestimonialsSanta Barbara Web Marketing Team Testimonials

Having a strong and consistent web presence is critical to your business’ success online.

One of the most successful social media contests we ran for Brezden was THE UGLY BUG CONTEST. ugly bug!We launched a contest on their Facebook page during the month of August. The contestants were asked to upload a photo of the ugliest bug they could find in their home or office. The winning photo is determined by the highest number of likes.  The winning photo with the highest number of likes was uploaded by Veronica Casillas.   The winner of the contest was awarded a free perimeter home spray.

“It was surprising to see such a wide variety of creepy crawlers in people’s homes and offices. Some of the spiders were especially startling.  I was amazed at how well this campaign did for us, we had dozens of people talking about this contest and the result was more phone calls and orders for Brezden Pest Control,” said owner John Brezden.


These are examples of the quality of graphics we create to help a business reflect a professional presence on the web. We understand that a customized marketing approach is necessary to help business owners reach their goals. We don’t churn out marketing campaigns indiscriminately.

We design marketing programs with a high degree of specificity using data, research, and creativity to drive results and boost sales. Whether you want to target a key audience, increase leads, or simply build brand awareness, we’ll use our expertise to help you reach your goals.

Helping business owners stay top of mind with their social media audience is one of the ways we help businesses boost their profits.  By running social media contests we create a buzz for the brand, which translates to more awareness and ultimately new recurring customers.


Interesting Stats:

  • 66% of marketers claim that social media indirectly impacts their business performance?  (Forbes)
  • 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases. (Forbes)

See below for a set of Google Adwords banners we created.  We created a set of banners for trading with partners, and for use on Google Adwords Display Network.  We offer creative banner ad design and audience targeting options for all business needs and budgets, so you reach the right audience with the right message to grow your brand awareness online.


BLOGGING: After optimizing the publishing platforms, we opened up discussions around creating a publishing plan to shape perceptions and stay “top of mind” with the target audience.  Our ultimate goal was to get more customers to schedule recurring pest control services.  We developed a solid content publishing plan that included blogsnewsletters and press releasesPest Control Marketing Case Study with strategic steps to success.

Each blog we write contains high traffic keywords, anchor text, alt tags, and title tags to help the web site rank higher and generate more traffic from the search engines (which is where 80% of consumers make buying decisions now – search engines!).  The content engages, entertains, educates and incentivizes customers to keep coming back.  Links to local events are added to build relationships with local non profits and partners.  The “multi-touch” marketing approach creates a “ubiquitous presence” that builds the brand and increases word of mouth referrals.

EMAIL NEWSLETTER: Brezden Pest Control was frustrated with the high cost of print mailing postcards, and wanted to setup a more cost efficient email newsletter system that would enable them to stay top of mind with their customers in the email inbox.  We helped Brezden Pest Control design a high touch email newsletter, and organize the email list.  We explained that 90% of website visitors stay on your website for just a few minutes, and then they leave, never to return again. Smart marketers know that capturing the email address is critical in order to have the permission to send future marketing messages to the prospects.  We created an opt in strategy which asked visitors to enter their email to download the PDF  “The Top 10 Reason Customers Choose Brezden Pest Control”  As as result of this opt in strategy we more than tripled the number of website leads coming from the site when comparing the previous month.

Each month we help write a compelling email subject line that will increase open rates. With each newsletter, we research open rates for various email subject lines before deciding on the best email subject line (and byline) to use.

Marketing TipsEmail subject lines matter. Really. 64% of people say they open an e-mail because of the subject line. Personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. For B2C emails, the words “Alert,” “New,” “News,” “Bulletin,” “Sale,” “Video,” “Daily,” or “Weekly” (though not “Monthly”) all increase open and click-through rates. For B2B companies, subject lines that contained “money,” “revenue,” and “profit” performed the best.

Interesting Stats:

  • 64 percent of marketers say increasing email click-throughs and open rates is among their top priorities this year.
  • 67 percent of marketers say that email is key for attracting and engaging prospects, and the best path to increase marketing ROI. (Forbes)

The Results

By sending out consistent marketing messages to local prospects over the next 6 months, they saw a 320% increase in website traffic, more than triple their previous website traffic levels. The newly optimized website, social media presence, and newsletter system enabled the Brezden’s to have a more cost effective approach with their marketing strategy.  By switching their focus to a digital web marketing strategy, they are reaching a more targeted audience, and saving money every month by avoiding the more costly, traditional marketing platforms.

Owner John Brezden said the following:

“I’ve been marketing my business for 30 years, some marketing works, some doesn’t. Search Engine Pros consistently produces a strong ROI for us. We are very happy with our investment and they keep our web presence growing each month.”

Brezden Pest Control is now on first page of Google for “Termite Inspection” and 100’s of other keywords.  The new website is now attracting high-quality organic traffic.  This is not a fluke, but rather a result of the smart combination of a Google friendly web site with constant editorializing on the blog and social sites.

Pest Control Rankings

“Termite Inspection” was searched for on Google 9,900 times every month. This keyword is one of the “gold medal” keywords to be listed for on Google due to it’s large search volume.  This is a keyword that Brezden’s customers search for every day.

Here’s the important thing to keep in mind:  This keyword has a $19.63 suggested bid on Google Adwords. ( $19.63 for each click ).  However, now that the Brezden’s are listed in the organic results section, those clicks are F-R-E-E.

Termite Inspection


Search Engine Presence


social media presence


email marketing presence

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We deliver customized online marketing solutions that match our clients preferences, business and style. Get more visitors, increase sales.  We bring together product design, brand communications, social connections and content to help businesses win the hearts and minds of friends and supporters.  Image matters. And having a professional approach with your marketing is priceless.  Get serious about your web marketing strategy – schedule a consultation with one of our pros today by calling 800-605-4988.  

Great online marketing is not about a one size fits all approach.

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