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Having trouble convincing the boss to invest in SEO?

Having trouble convincing the boss to invest in SEO?

Here’s the main points you need to get across, and some useful stats to back them up:

The goal of SEO is to gain the highest possible position for your company’s website in a search engine’s “natural” search results. That’s the results that appear in the main body of the screen on Google for example, rather than the “paid” listings that appear on the right hand side or top of the results. These are the results that 91% of consumers prefer to browse and select from, when looking to make a purchase. This statistic alone should highlight just how vital SEO has become.  More than half of all internet users use search engines at least once a day, and when browsing search results.

SEO is therefore extremely effective for online lead generation, increasing online sales or simply increasing your website’s online presence and brand awareness.
There are a number of reasons why SEO is a highly effective part of an online marketing strategy, one of the main reasons being it’s return on investment. Companies do not have to pay search engines to appear in “natural” search results or when a link to their site is clicked, so any click-throughs could be classed as “free” traffic, and investment in an SEO strategy is regarded as being more cost effective than “pay per click” or banner advertising.

So, specifically – why is SEO an important part of the marketing strategy?

  • Free Clicks: Obviously, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the free traffic that comes with natural search engine rankings. So you don’t pay for the traffic. Organic Search Engine Traffic is free, whereas Pay Per Click Traffic, you have to pay per click. The nice thing about natural search rankings vs. paid Search Rankings…is that when you run a campaign, you don’t need to pay per click.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Another benefit that there is minimal maintenance that is required to maintain top ranks. Once you get the top ranks, you really only need to do a minimal amount of work to keep those top natural ranks.
  • Long Term Revenue Streams: another great benefit. You can see a revenue stream for a long period of time. Top Ten Rankings is where the money is at. There real place to be is on the first page.
  • Competitive Advantage: Huge competitive advantage over your competition. Your competitors don’t know how to do this…Less than 10% of the websites today are optimized, and 81% of consumers are now making purchasing decisions online.
  • Increased Value: Having top search ranks for your site increases the value of your site dramatically.
  • The Snowball Effect: Another advantage is that it gives you more control – because you are ranked high, link partners come looking for you, and your traffic levels grow exponentially.
  • Credibility: Your site enjoys more credibility.  For example, Web Site “A” has 100 top ranks, and Web Site “B” has 0 top ranks – which site is your customer likely to buy from?

There are many advantages to have a top ranked website….especially as more and more customers move online.  While you may win the battle with pay per click ads, you will the war with SEO.

The bottom line:

Through SEO you will achieve:
More visitors to your website
More phone calls
More leads
More business

Best Regards, : )
Taylor Reaume  “TheSearchEnginePro”
Founder / e-business Coach
Phone: (800) 605-4988
Skype:  smartchoiceweb
6 Harbor Way #209, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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  • Posted at 10:50 pm, October 12, 2010

    the return of investments depends on a company that has been tried and tested. in this case SEO deals a chance for an investor to prime its presence or brand awareness in the world wide web. noting closely SEO has the quality and not merely quantity in providing service to its potential investors, it is not far that one should invest in the service that SEO is offering. SEO had said it, win the war with SEO

  • Graham Stevens
    Posted at 11:11 pm, October 19, 2010

    The blog has rightly pointed out that SEO is definitely a much better choice to promote a website than PPC as the latter has a very short term impact. SEO on the other hand increases the organic search of your website and pushes it’s PageRank higher. PPC is good when it comes to complementing an SEO campaign.

  • Dominic Maranion
    Posted at 4:45 am, November 10, 2010

    Your boss only need to read this blog in order for him to fully appreciate the wonders of SEO. Companies advertise in order to maximize consumers awareness of what they have to offer and in order for the consumers to patronize their services/products. SEO, as clearly exhibited in this blog has all the factors necessary for a company to have a better ROI rather than doing other structured methods of marketing.

  • Regine
    Posted at 5:53 pm, November 13, 2010

    I agree with Graham, SEO is definitely a much better choice to promote a website than PPC. That is why investing in SEO is a great opportunity for company growth and success. This blog gives you enough information to convince your boss to invest in SEO.

  • lauren
    Posted at 5:20 am, November 17, 2010

    SEO definitely is a better choice in promoting a website rather than PPC. The marketing strategy that was mentioned is very useful.

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