PPC Case Study: I2Verify

I2Verify Uses Google Ads To Increase Website Traffic

Outsourcing employment and wage verification with i2Verify helps companies free up resources so they can focus on core business goals. I2Verify came to us with the goal of increasing website visitor traffic around very specific, exact match keywords.

Recognizing that their customers have a “Lifetime value”, I2Verify invested in a comprehensive Google Ads search / remarketing campaign to keep ads in front of potential prospects. Remarketing is especially powerful for B2B companies, where brand trust is a crucial consideration in the buyers journey.

We developed a white paper strategy, including high touch infographics, 30 second video commercials and 10 highly optimized landing pages. All of the strategies put together helped I2Verify see massive growth in qualified leads.

Reach customers typing in ultra specific, exact match keywords.

Improve lead form submissions with a white paper strategy

Measure and quantify the impact of digital marketing

Create highly targeted landing pages with high quality scores

Create 30 Second Youtube Video commercials for landing pages

Create several whitepapers for landing pages

Design compelling infographics

Study the competitors winning Ad copy and write better ads

Research & discover high traffic, low competition keywords

Setup call tracking to record click to call leads

Setup multi-domain analytics tracking to measure brand search lift

Boosted click to call leads by 135%

23% decrease in cost per lead

330% increase in brand searches

214% increase in qualified leads

10+ differentiating company tag lines

440+ new cookies for remarketing

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Scott F.
Chief Operating Officer