PPC Case Study: ACE Hardware

ACE Hardware Drives In-Store Traffic With Google Local Inventory Ads

With over 5,200 physical shops across the country, ACE Hardware Stores has embraced Google local inventory ads (LIAs) to bring nearby customers on mobile devices into shops. The results: a 22% higher click-through rate and a 135% higher shop visit rate compared with online PLAs.

Reach local customers on mobile with targeted messages

Improve sales in brick-and-mortar shops

Measure and quantify the impact of digital marketing

Ran Local Inventory Ads from Google Ads

Brought store-level inventory data to shoppers in real time

Measured offline return on ad spend (ROAS) from digital ads

Boosted shop visit rate by 135%

Grew CTR by 18%

Yielded ROAS higher than other offline marketing

Increased ROAS 5X versus TV advertising

Earned $7 of in-store sales for each dollar invested on local inventory ads

Local Inventory Ads Worked Perfectly For Offline Only Sales

“With the help of Search Engine Pros, we were able to prove the ability of online channels and social media to drive directly measurable sales for offline-only offers. Local inventory ads are a perfect example as they are designed to drive brick-and-mortar sales. We’ve been closely analyzing recent reports, which show $7 of in-store sales for each dollar invested.”
Thomas L.
Marketing Manager