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Search Engine Expert Consultant Taylor Reaume

A note from the founder:

Yesterday. I was in your shoes…

Hi, I’m Taylor Reaume, founder of Search Engine Pros. Yesterday, I was in your shoes…trying to make sense of the average cost of websites and online marketing. I searched and I searched, and all I wanted was:

1.) A simple answer.

2.) Someone who has been there, and could provide me clear, concise explanation.

3.) A price tag that didn’t make me run for the hills.

Perhaps my expectations were set too high (but I didn’t think so). As my goal to make it to financial freedom was too precious to entrust to an amateur. I desperately wanted to build a successful web presence for myself. I decided to learn it on my own. 15 years later, here I am, a successful entrepreneur. My company Search Engine Pros helps people along the path to e-business success.

I live and work in Santa Barbara, California. In 1998, I started designing websites. As my business grew, I started to offer SEO services. I became somewhat of a local authority on SEO because word got around that one of my sites was getting over 200,000 unique visitors per month…which led to the sale of the site for six figures in 2007.

This gave me the undeniable proof that my SEO methods really worked. No black hat SEO methods – just naturally strong rankings as a result of diligence. As you can imagine, clients would ask “Can you do that for me?”Web Design Costs

“Of course, I can,” was my reply. However, much of the time I was faced with the very scenario I’ve mentioned above. It was plain to see that business owners needed an affordable and quick solution to this problem that was ballooning their online expenses AND causing them to lose sales to online competitors.

Whether you are an author, an entrepreneur, a small to mid-sized business or a multinational corporation, growing your presence online is a matter of consistent content creation, cost effective promotion tactics, calculated risks and measurement.

With over 81% of consumers make purchasing decisions online, it’s essential for your business to have a strong web presence.  The survival of your business now depends on the sophistication of your web strategy.  Did you know that 93% of all online experiences begin at a search engine? (Forbes) Yellow pages are out.  Search Engines are in!

A search marketer is someone that ensures your business will show up online in both paid and unpaid search listings. So essentially, the art of understanding search engines and using that knowledge to make a website rank high on search engines.

Why do so many web projects fail?

The main reason is due to lack of communication. Getting clear on your needs is critical to success. If you don’t understand your needs, the web professional will not deliver on target.

Web projects frequently fail because they require a high level of organization in multiple areas — mind boggling organization — and projects fail because of how difficult it is to keep everything organized.

Further complicating matters, the field of online marketing (SEO/SEM/SOCIAL MEDIA) has been merging with traditional marketing, with emphasis on branding, framing, story telling, user engagement, viral marketing, and public relations.  This leads to conflicting perspectives among interested parties and the web strategy suffers as a result of fragmented forward movements.

Grow your web presence. One campaign at a time.

To grow your presence on the web, you need a web strategy.

There are essentially three steps.

Step 1. Design a web site that captivates, informs and motivates your target audience to take action.
Step 2. Develop an annual content publishing plan detailing specific steps to success.
Step 3. Delegate execution of the plan to a team that delivers a true return on investment.


You are probably reading this because you are conducting research on developing on a website, looking for concrete information on how much it actually costs to get a website designed. You might be a small business that is considering building a website to help grow your business. Or you might be a non-profit, looking to redesign your website to better communicate your mission. Or, you might be the marketing director for a multi-million dollar organization looking to improve customer relations and build your brand’s online presence.

We have worked with all of the above, helping all types of businesses to develop websites and implement online marketing plans, and we are here to to educate the business (and consumer) market at large about what it takes to build a website and what the ultimate cost will be.

99% of Internet marketing problems start when you create your website…

Web Design Costs


Why are prices so wildly varying in the web design industry? We recently gave an estimate on a project where we were smack in the middle. Below us there was a developer vying for the project at $1,000. Above us, $10,000. And then us, exactly in the middle. Our future client would go on to ask us… “What gives? Why are you so much more expensive than the low-end companies, and so much less expensive than the high-end companies, and how could there be such a massive difference in the first place?” What is with this industry!!  Read more about the average cost of website design here.



Search Engine Pros – Your Online Marketing Team

Search Engine Pros is a Santa Barbara web marketing agency offering a full range of web marketing services, including social media consultingsearch engine optimization, pay per click consulting and much more.  With so many marketing firms to choose from, Search Engine Pros pride themselves on being one of the few firms that have a complete understanding of both online and offline marketing strategy.

Led by founder Taylor Reaume, they deliver customized online marketing solutions that match clients’ preferences, business and style.  Need a content strategy that works? Let Search Engine Pros orchestrate your content creation, approval, distribution, and measurement.  As a team, they offer a unique combination of skills to help businesses win the hearts and minds of friends and supporters.  Image matters. And having a professional approach with your marketing is priceless.

Search Engine Pros offer a wide range of quality online marketing solutions, all designed to give you the very best possible return on investment.

Headquartered in Santa Barbara,CA, they have been a rapidly growing entity since inception. Search Engine Pros is a privately held US-based company and an international provider of proprietary small business Search Marketing services. Search Engine Pros have empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses to build websites that succeed.

Guiding principles:

Search Engine Marketing Delivers High Rankings

• Over deliver on customer expectations.

• Empower the customer to succeed.

• Develop cutting-edge marketing strategies.


Search Engines

Search Engine Pros have helped eCommerce businesses grow revenue 4x, software companies double revenue, financial companies get more visibility, healthcare firms get new clients and universities attract new students.

Improving your online image boosts credibility levels and hence your bottom line at year end.   Search Engine Pros help you become the “authority” in your field.

Get serious about your web marketing strategy.
Schedule a consultation with one of our pros today by calling 800-605-4988.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.  The SEO’s mission is to organize the client’s information and make it robotically accessible and profitable.  SEO is broken into two distinct buckets: “on page” factors and “off page” factors. On page factors include such items as: a website’s crawl-ability, internal linking, Web Design Costskeyword selection and placement, meta tags, etc. Off page factors (which are far more important) include building link popularity (inbound links) into your website. There are over 250 factors that determine whether your website will rank on high on Google.

Being on top is essential to growing your business.

Search Engine Pros help you outperform the competition and capitalize on the best keywords for your campaigns.  They help you get the right message in front of the right people. The result? Lower costs per click, more targeted traffic which boosts your sales and profits. Many Social Media Marketingpeople try to go it alone with a web strategy. In most cases, a novice approach just isn’t going to cut it when you are swimming with the sharks on Google.

Run, manage and optimize Ads on Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo.

Helpful and detailed reports let you easily monitor your ads. Get more exclusive leads by being listed where 85% of people look for your companies… the top 3 spots!

e-Marketing Strategy Is Vital To Your Business

Nearly 90% of internet users discover new websites through search engines. If your website isn’t effectively capturing search traffic that’s targeted directly at your customers, then you’re losing out to competitors that are.Download the 101 Ways to Drive Traffic and learn how to promote your website and grow your web presence.

Sophisticated, increasingly-capable internet search engines have changed the way that businesses promote themselves.   Smart businesses are learning how to  promote their websites through improved search engine rankings. Getting your company listed at the top of search results for keywords specific to your products is a business strategy, not a fluke.

If you need help increasing your internet visibility and brand recognition through industry-leading search engine optimization methods, link-building, and pay-per-click advertising campaigns, Search Engine Pros can help.

Strategy Development Goal Marketing Vision Planning Business Con

By forming close relationships with clients, working hard to understand how their business works and how to best market their products on the internet, they help you get the RIGHT message, in front of the RIGHT people on the web.  This results in significant revenue increases. You should expect high quality customer support and the kind of attention you’d expect from a team member.

The shift from traditional media to online media is still in progress. Over time, more and more of your neighbors will turn to the Internet for local news and information. If you start now, you’ll be better prepared to give them what they want when they find you. Don’t wait. Get started today!

“Like” the Facebook page for helpful web marketing tips. Call 800-605-4988 to request a complimentary consultation.  Download the 101 Ways to Drive Traffic and learn how to promote your website and grow your web presence.

Ready to get started?  Inquire with Search Engine Pros today.

From the founder, Taylor Reaume:

taylor-reaume“Over the years, I have trained a team of web professionals to help me execute on a set of cost effective web marketing tactics which I have proven to be effective through years of trial and error research.  Below is an illustration of the 10 different roles, or ‘hats’, you’ll need to create a successful web strategy.”

Before you launch into your web strategy, you’ll need to find and train the following professional “specialized” roles:

WEB DESIGN PRO: web design fixes, adding graphics and call to actions, adding youtube videos, direct response call to action methodology. It’s great if you get 100,000 people to your web site, not so great if they don’t buy! Usability is the key to success with internet business. Design your web site with your customer in mind, and you will succeed.

EMAIL MARKETING PRO: design newsletter template, design newsletter graphics, organize email newsletter list, setup opt in strategy, create web forms for the site, setup conversion tracking, permission based marketing is the future of marketing. 90% of people visit your web site, spend a few minutes, and leave forever, never to return. Marketing Superstars understand that capturing the email means capturing a client for life that you can market to over and over again.

SOCIAL MEDIA PRO: create status updates, post status updates, developing contest ideas, implementing new strategies for social media success, social bookmarking in Digg, Delicious, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc. Tweeting, Facebooking, optimizing your Facebook page, optimizing twitter pages, adding news content, developing fun and new ideas for traffic building.

SEO WRITER PRO: writing blogs, uploading blogs, optimizing blogs, optimizing existing page content with keywords, creating educational copy on the site, newsletter writing, strategic status updates for social media. Someone with experience in SEO, is someone who understands how people search for information (on the web and in other ways) and ensures that they or their clients are visible in the unpaid (organic) listings.

SEO CODER PRO: code optimization, 404 page creation, optimizing titles, metas, descriptions, fixing robots.txt file, installing Google analytics, installing Getclicky, setting up Google web master tools and uploading site map, checking for Google guideline compliance, fixing canonicalization issues, adding alt text to images, internally linking important key phrases on the site, making key suggestions as to improvement areas and organizing content into silos.

LINK BUILDER PRO: find best back links from your competitors, create new back links, create meaningful connections (back links) with related sites, create thoughtful posts in relevant forums and blogs, submit web site to web directories, create social bookmarks, keep your blog pages and article pages fresh by making thoughtful comments on them.

PRESS RELEASE PRO:  brainstorm ideas for press releases, discuss with client, write press release, upload press release, optimize press release, submit press release, format the text for the major press release web sites, reach out to local media press outlets, promote on social sites.

DATA RESEARCH PRO: research competitors website, research email subject lines, research tag lines, scrub email list, organize customer database, handle data entry tasks and simple time consuming tasks that do not require a high cost professional skill set.

PPC PRO: keyword research, find the low cost high traffic keywords with high commercial intent, create ad groups, creating new ad copy, split testing ads, adjusting keyword bids to ensure maximum ROI, competitor tracking, landing pages, adding negative keywords and optimizing for conversions.

AFFILIATE PRO: creating an affiliate marketing plan for your web site, setting up click bank, shareasale, and other affiliate marketing plans. Your affiliate marketing manager will help you setup your affiliate marketing script on your web site so that affiliate can be paid to promote your products or services.

“Get an entire marketing department for the price of a part time employee!”


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Where will GREAT MARKETING take your business?

Get serious about your web marketing strategy.  Schedule a consultation with one of our pros today by calling 800-605-4988.

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