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Noozhawk Pioneers Exemplary Model For Local News Online

Noozhawk Pioneers Exemplary Model For Local News Online

Noozhawk is pioneering an exemplary model for local news online.

Awhile back I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Noozhawk, Bill MacFadyen. I can tell when some people have a genuinely good attitude towards life and people, that’s the vibe I got from Bill. Check out his web site at I really enjoy reading the local news at his web site. Very interesting and engaging material.

Here’s some background on Noozhawk:

Founded in late 2007, the online-only is covering the community in two unique ways: With professional journalists providing original reporting on complex issues and topics of the day, and by inviting community members to share their own stories on the everyday activities with which they’re involved.

Thanks to the timely and widely publicized implosion of Santa Barbara’s venerable daily newspaper, we’re trying to take advantage of the opportunity to disrupt the marketplace against fossil media and a sea of aggregators and bloggers who can’t provide enough consistent or reliable context for things like government, school board, politics, crime and natural disasters.

Noozhawk is self-funded and advertising-supported and we’re trying not to be too sophisticated for the marketplace, understanding that in a small town all built around relationships, you don’t need to be. What I want to do is figure out the exact formula needed for it to work: what the true demographic is, how few reporters you can get away with and what they must cover to convey authenticity, how many sales people you need, and how you handle all the other stuff a daily newspaper should provide — and then grow this model regionally or take it to other small- to midsized communities with lazy daily newspapers.

For more information please contact Bill:

William M. Macfadyen
Founder & publisher
P.O. Box 101
Santa Barbara, Calif. 93102
Follow us on Twitter: @Noozhawk

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