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David Reaume
David Reaume Construction & Design (DRC&D) is a full service construction and design company based in Pasadena, California. David Reaume Construction & Design is a one-stop shop providing plans, construction and interior design services to the greater Los Angeles area. Since inception in 1988, DRC&D has been committed to providing clients with designs that are recognized for being fashionable yet livable and functional yet stylish.
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star   Every month David Reaume Construction & Design (DRC&D) delivers it's loyal followers a state of the market update. is a leading source of Los Angeles construction news, project leads, market forecasts, and building product information. David Reaume strives to keep his readers up to date on the latest design trends and construction market analytics. DRC&D's monthly online publication provides unique insights on how you can save money on kitchen remodels, home remodels, bathroom remodels, and more. Get this month's helpful hints by visiting the site.

# "Ever since I saw David's work at Pasadena Showcase 10 years ago, I've been a fan of his. He has made our house a showcase and we have had nothing but compliments from neighbors and friends on our home."

Diane Silvera, Pacific Palisades
# "David Reaume is quality, perfection, professional, ethical, experienced and a team player. We have enjoyed working with David and his team and look forward to future projects involving David Reaume Construction."

Dottie and Joe Clougherty, Pasadena
# "Wow! Wonderful, on-time and well done! The best wager you'll every make on home improvements."

The Webb Family, San Marino

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