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Marketing Productivity Workshops


We are experts when it comes to helping people become more efficient, through the use of systems and technology. Consider joining our group for an educational and informative session on e-business marketing.

4-Week Marketing Productivity workshop – Call 800-605-4988 For Pricing & Availability.

Week 1 : Google Efficiency

  • Google Apps – Email Everywhere
  • Google Docs – True Collaboration
  • Google Voice – Voicemail as Text
  • Google Chrome – Faster Browsing
  • Google Sites – Internal Wiki
  • Google Video – Employee Training

Week 2:  Computer Efficiency

  • Microsoft Security Essentials – Speed Up Your PC
  • RoboForm – Password Sanity
  • – Screen Sharing
  • EverNote – Your Brain Everywhere
  • – VOIP and Chat
  • Faststone Capture – Screen Capture Tool

Week 3:  Social Media & SEO Efficiency

  • How To Rank Web Site Articles
  • Social Bookmark Sites –,
  • Social Aggregator Sites –
  • How To Wine and Dine The Google Spider With Your Web Code

Week 4: WordPress Efficiency

  • How To Add A Post
  • How To Add A Page
  • Top 10 WordPress SEO Plugins
  • How To Link Up Posterous
  • Using The Guest Blogger Features
  • Setting up Tracking

Please contact Taylor by EMAIL or via cell at 805-453-9674 and he will put together a presentation to meet your needs.

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