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Back links are online referrals for your business. We help you generate 100’s of incoming links that boost your rankings and bring targeted customers to your site.

There’s gold in them there hills!Did you know that on the web, the sites with the most inbound links get all the Google rankings?What’s an inbound link?Think of an inbound link as a vote for your company on the web.The more “votes” you obtain, the higher Google places your web site in the index.Link Building is the process of getting other web sites to link to you.Think of it as online word of mouth referrals.Boost your back-links, and you’ll boost your profits.


PPC Professional Help Keep Costs Down and Conversions Up!


Ready To Experience REAL Link Building?

Ready To Experience REAL Link Building?

Features: 1 phone call per month 10 hours maximum Monthly submission reports 24/7 email support

Suggested Usage Of 10 Hour Block: Your Link Builder will help you create meaningful connections (back links) with related sites.  Your Link Manager will make thoughtful posts in relevant forum and blogs and help you submit your web site to web directories.  They will also help you create social bookmarks to your web site articles (which increases popularity in the search engines).  Lastly, the Link Manager will help keep your blog pages and article pages fresh by making thoughtful comments on them.

For instance, here is a highly recommended success path:

Month 1:

-Needs Analysis

-Learning about the business

-Discussing your thoughts


Month 2:

-Compiling all your competitors backlinks

-Uncovering the “best” backlinks to target for a link building efforts

-Creating comments on your blog and other blogs where your link appears = fresh content

Month 3:

-Creating links to your existing backlinks

-Creating “Diggs” of your articles

-Discussing your link building strategy

Month 4:

-Creating / Optimizing additional social sites

-Directory Submissions & Social Bookmarks

-Discussing your link building strategy

Month 5:

-Creating link partnerships with other complementary sites

-Directory Submissions & Social Bookmarks

-Discussing your link building strategy

Month 6:

-Develop “give to get” link building ideas for the site

-Setup a link directory at the site

-Discussing your link building strategy


How Does a Link Manager help my business? Having a Link Manager is a great way to build your business connections, both online and offline.  You may have heard the phrase “It’s who you know!”  Link Building is all about building more connections for your business.  Having links from other sites means that the search engines think that your site is a bit more important (hence they rank you higher).  Not only does link building help you get higher rankings, it also helps generate traffic from the humanoids as well 😉 –you also get traffic from the people that click the links and visit your site.

When you get ranked, you get calls.


“There’s GOLD in them there hills…”


Your link builder will help you build links from partner websites such as; strategic partners, suppliers, contractors, etc. These types of sites typically instill a higher level of trust in the user because they signify a ‘partnership’. Partner links also produce many of the general benefits of linking such as direct traffic, increased trust by search engines, longevity, etc.


Will the Link Manager help me setup a “Link-To-Us” strategy: Yes.  Every website serious about link building MUST have a readily apparent ‘link-to-us’ call-to-action item. It’s important to have a dedicated page containing your referral banners and hyperlinks.  You can provide banners, pre-scripted links, link suggestions, etc. The benefit of offering the link code is that you control what the link says – the link anchor text.   Also, just having this type of call-to-action item inherently increases the probability of others linking to you – you’re ‘suggestive selling’


Will the Link Manager help submit my web site to over 200 Search Engines each month? Yes.  Your Link Manager will submit your web site to the Search Engines, including Yahoo, AltaVista, HotBot, AllTheWeb, Google, AOL, iWon and Netscape, MSN, Lycos, Teoma, AskJeeves and DMOZ (Open Directory).  Not all SEs and Directories have the same rules for submission; therefore care will be taken to submit to the appropriate search engines by following their specific guidelines.

Will the Link Manager help me uncover my competitor’s best back links? Yes.  Your Link Manager will help you work smarter not harder in this area.  To get top ranks, you must obtain high page rank back links in large numbers. Your competitors back links is a great place to look first since they have already blazed the trail.  Your Link Manager will aggregate all of your competitors best back link locations, send you a detailed report, and initiate a link building effort to those locations.

Will the Link Manager help me determine which DMOZ Categories are the best for my business? Yes.  Your Link Manager will help you identify the best DMOZ web directory categories for your business.  This step requires research to determine the best (most relevant) categories for your DMOZ Submissions. is the largest open source internet directory online. Submission is free, but getting listed is difficult as the sites allowed into this directory are usually high quality and niche.  Consistent submissions increase your chances of being accepted.

Will the Link Manager help me submit my homepage to Dmoz: Yes.  Your Link Manager will help you submit consistently to the largest, most trusted internet directory  If you get listed here, your web site rankings will increase significantly.

Link Manager Pro - Managing Your Link Building Campaigns


Will the Link Manager help me uncover complementary businesses? Yes.  A smart link manager will always stress the importance of going after the complementary businesses in your niche. They will research and discover complementary businesses or “centers of influence”.  Establishing partnerships with these groups of people is absolutely essential and a vital cross promotional online marketing strategy.

Does the Link Manager help me create a Link Directory at my Site? Yes.  There is an additional 1 time setup fee to create your link directory.  Your Link Manager will help you build a robust link directory (resource page of complementary partners).  The Link Manager will build a link directory page comprised of complimentary business partner’s links.  Next, the Link Manager will start to send out link partnership requests.  Often times the Link Manager can obtain a full blog review for your company. Your Link Manager will initiate an ongoing reciprocal link building effort targeting relevant websites.

Will the Link Manager help me create multiple versions of my directory submission details? Yes. Your Link Manager will help you create multiple versions of your directory submission details.  When submitting to an internet directory or online yellow pages, you will need to have many versions of keyword rich titles and descriptions.  Having different variations of your directory submission details will enhance the dexterity of your linking efforts, and hence your search rankings.

Will the Link Manager do manual directory submissions? Yes.  Your Link Manager will manually submit your web site to ten plus directories per month.   Some of the directories will be general such as DMOZ, while others will be Niche Directories. Niche directories are directories directly related to your niche.  If you are a realtor in Los Angeles, your link manager will find a list of the best Los Angeles Realtor Directories and then start submitting to them.

Will the Link Manager help me create a Social Bookmarking Persona? Yes.  Social bookmarking is where people save bookmarks or favorite sites, to a public location. This step requires that your Link Manager setup a keyword rich persona for your bookmarking profile. This requires a certain character limitation and style of persona which is different that then directory persona.

Authority SitesWill the Link Manager create 100 Social Bookmarks each month? Yes.  In this step your link builder will create 100 social bookmarks for your website.  A good link profile contains a healthy mix of all types of links.  Social bookmarking links are search engine friendly and within seven days of submission, links start to appear in all major search engines. If you are serious about your sites Link Building, Ranking and Traffic… Social Bookmarking is a must.

Will the Link Manager develop a list of .EDU back links? Yes.  Your Link Manager will uncover the best .EDU and .ORG links  – these are the most powerful links to obtain because they have higher trust levels with the search engines.

Will the Link Manager create 25 blog comments? Yes.  Your Link Manager will help you with blog commenting. In this step they link builder will locate industry specific blogs, and spend some time to create thoughtful, grammatically correct blog comments for your website.  One of the most time consuming activities of online marketing is blog commenting. Your Link Manager will provide meaningful responses and comments on relevant blogs for you. Comments are useful, insightful, and relevant. They also help make the other bloggers aware of you, and they may start reading your blog and/or linking to it. Blog commenting is the best links you can get, because they are “contextual” meaning Google loves them because they are surrounded by relevant text.   Blogs very often have a box that appears on all of the comments that you make. To find a list of blogs that are related to your topic just do a quick search like this, blog + “your topic”. For instance  if you are looking for dog related forums your search term would be (blog + “dog”). This will return a full list of dog blogs that you can pick from.  Our methods for finding blogs are a bit more advanced as we uncover blogs that not only have high traffic levels, but also enhance your search engine back link portfolio.

Will the Link Manager create 25 Yahoo Answers? Yes.  Your Link Manager will help you get involved in the conversations over at Yahoo Answers. Your Link Manager will help you participate in social media conversations, such as Yahoo Answers.  Free discussion boards such as Yahoo! Answers are excellent locations to obtain relevant inbound links.  These back links are highly relevant and very powerful for your link profile.

Don’t be left behind in the race to the top of Google! Give us a call today to get started at 800.605.4988 or scroll down to fill out our quote request form, and get a free 30 page web site analysis.

Link Manager Pro - Managing Your Link Building Campaigns

Mantra: “Link building is the best way to initiate co-marketing partnerships on the web, which results in positive word of mouth referrals, both online and offline.”


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