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New free SEO tool for link building introduced

New free SEO tool for link building introduced

New free SEO tool for link building introduced: Meet The Search Engine Pros Link Robot!

Santa Barbara, CA 1 October 2009– The link robot is here and he will be your guide on your link building quest. It’s simple to use. Simply type in a keyword and he will find you a goldmine of link building locations throughout the net! This free SEO tool will be a great asset for any webmaster hoping to enhance their link building strategy.

Link building is a tedious & time consuming process and nothing can circumvent manual labor. In order to get top ranks, you will need to start developing your inbound link partners (votes for your site). But not just any inbound links partners, you need quality inbound links partners (after all a vote from President Obama’s web site would be much more powerful than a vote from your 12 year old brother’s Angelfire site). This free SEO tool will help you get quality links.

Inbound links come in two flavors; Reciprocal links and One Way links. Reciprocal links are very important indeed, but limited in terms of search engine optimization results. They are just part of the overall strategy of a link building effort. In fact, if a website features more than a certain amount of links (generally 50-75), search engines might view that particular website as trying to fake a strong link popularity rating. This is why one-way-links weigh so much more in terms of search engine optimization, and it’s why this free SEO tool is so valuable.

One-way-links involve manual submissions to directories, submission of articles, press releases, and building a trusted presence on blogs and forums in your industry. None of the aforementioned actions can be implemented with software. They are all based on manual labor. From ground up, it generally takes at least one qualified person full time for several months to develop satisfactory results. Larger fortune 500 companies hire full-time technicians just to go speak about their websites on blogs and forums. In the offline world this might be the same as hiring a celebrity to endorse your products. This free SEO tool will save you that time and money.

Basically, Google Technology has developed the link popularity factor in order to define who is a “real player” on the internet. In other words, think of the offline world and your rolodex. If you have a bunch of very influential people in your network, you are seen as more valuable on some level. This is similar to how Google ranks web sites. They look at who is “voting” for your site online (linking to your site). This is an important concept to understand in link building.

Need help with generating strategic partnerships and top ranks online? By using The Search Engine Pros website optimization services; you are guaranteed multiple 1st page placements with Google, Yahoo and many other major search engines. You will receive more traffic than ever thought possible. Being on the Internet is essential in today’s marketplace, unfortunately being found is the biggest problem. Search engine marketing consultants will tell you that the most valuable commercial property in 2020 is going to be the first page of the search engines.

Want to know more about link building and The Search Engine Pros Link Robot? Contact The Search Engine Pros link building specialists now. It’s what they do. It’s what they’re good at. Whether it’s blog commenting, forum posting, link partnering, article marketing or any other link building task, you have options with their company. Call them now at (800)605-4988 or CLICK HERE for more information on affordable website optimization or affordable website management and marketing.

About The Search Engine Pros:
The Search Engine Pros are proud to announce the introduction of their new free SEO tool for link building. The Search Engine Pros are Search Engine Optimization Experts that specialize in small business seo plans and website management powered by the popular open source CMS code called Joomla! They help you obtain a user friendly website design with an seo friendly cms. They are located in Santa Barbara, Ca. They are a caring, sharing web development and web marketing firm that knows the path to e-business success for over a decade now.


Taylor Reaume
The Search Engine Pros
6 Harbor Way #209
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (800)605-4988

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