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Santa Barbara SEO Workshop – How Guest Blogging Can Jumpstart Your SEO

Santa Barbara SEO Workshop – How Guest Blogging Can Jumpstart Your SEO

Thursday, June 15th 2011

This Weeks Discussion Points:

How Guest Blogging Can Jumpstart Your SEO”

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is when you write content for another blog (hopefully a complementary business) that is owned and run by somebody else, or vice versa.  Although the concept has been around for a many years it has become more and more popular in the last few years due to the fact that everyone is a winner.

The Guest Blogger wins because of they get a link back to their site, which increases the exposure to a new audience, potentially more traffic. The blog wins because it gets fresh and unique content – just what Dr. Google ordered.  It gives the blog more variety and a different voice and can also take away some of the pressure that is felt by blog owners to consistently write new content.  The reader benefits by getting healthier, exciting, fresh content, written in different styles with different points and arguments.
The main reasons to implement a guest blogging strategy is to increase your brand recognition and traffic.  However, many people love the social aspects of a guest blogging strategy.  Guest blogging engages people and get them involved at your web site.
So, how does one find a guest blogging opportunity?

Google of course! Using some good old fashioned Google commands we can uncover some potential matches for your guest blogging empire.   Here are some of the ones that I would typically use at the start of a project to unearth some opportunities:
keyword “guest blogger”
keyword “write a guest blog”
keyword “write a guest post”
keyword “guest article”
keyword “guest blog”
Replace keyword above with one of your industry terms.  This will filter the Google results for those gems you’re looking for.

Choose your guest bloggers wisely!

You may wish to do some critical thinking about the “complementary businesses” in your industry, as those crowds are going to be more easily monetized.

Courting guest bloggers is a delicate dance.  Try implementing a requirement for your guest bloggers.  It will add a nice exclusive aspect.  Having a requirement (such as 4 posts per month minimum) attracts higher quality guest bloggers, as they feel it’s more exclusive.

Hope to see you this Thursday!
Taylor Reaume
Founder /  SEO Specialist
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