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Get To Know The Search Engine Pros

Get To Know The Search Engine Pros

What Is This Site All About?

Imagine if 3 people called you this morning and they said “I found you on”. The Search Engine Pros help your web site to show up #1 on Google through improving your company SEO. Plain and simple. We offer a wide range of web site optimization services, including SEO, PPC, Press Releases and more. Since 1998, owner Taylor Reaume has been designing and building high quality, successful internet businesses. Today the company works with over 100’s clients both national and local. Our goal is to help your businesses like yours succeed on the web. Owner Taylor Reaume explains “We make your web site look more attractive to Google, so they will send you 1000’s of visitors every month, and when those new visitors get to your site, we help you to present your content in a way that will compel your visitors to use your service, or buy your product. No longer do we live in a world where businesses are found by thumbing through the Yellow Pages. Get Online. Get Ranked.

Who are The Search Engine Pros?

We have an integrated team of seo consultants, creative designers, writers, programmers and marketing professionals that get online results. Our team incorporates time tested seo strategies, high-end programming, creative and thoroughly researched copywriting and innovative optimization techniques. In 2007, founder Taylor Reaume sold one of the web’s largest stock audio web sites to Jupitermedia and for six figures – His web site was the first and largest online music collaboration community generating interest from American Idol, Sony and other major music entities. Destitute and in debt after graduating from Humboldt State University with a Marketing/Economics degree, college student Taylor Reaume studied grass roots SEO strategies, and without use of seed capital, was able to build 200,000+ unique visitors per month to the site before selling to Jupiter Media for six figures in 2007. Jupitermedia later sold the site in a suite of other stock audio sites for 96 million dollars to In 2008, Taylor invented THE SEO SUCCESS PLAN, a 3 Phase SEO plan for getting web sites to the top of Google. Taylor sleeps with 1 eye open thinking about the success of his client’s web sites on Google.

How Are You Different?

Our company is different because we offer more than just links and articles for your web site. We offer a unique all-in-one online marketing solution that includes high level strategic recommendations you won’t likely find elsewhere. We help you design a well rounded online marketing campaign that gets results (2-3 times return on your investment). Most of all, people love our company because we’re practicioners, not theologians. We’re action oriented, -most companies are simply giving you recommendations.”

What Else Do You Do For My Company?

The Search Engine Pros are one of the few firms on the web offering Multilingual SEO. International SEO is not about doing business with foreigners in their language, but rather bringing foreigners to your website to business with you in English. It is not nessesary to translate your website to do business with foreigners. However, you must have at least 1 page translated in Japanese to be able to submit to Japanese Search Engines, and one page in German to submit to the German Search Engines. Learn more here.

Do you work with local or national clients?

The Search Engine Pros have consulted on SEO and PPC marketing to fortune 500 companies like Jupitermedia,,,,,,,,, and more. Some local firms you may recognize include,,,,,,,,,,,
The owner of The Search Engine Pros has done what he teaches in his workshops, a key difference with many SEO consultants today.

One of Santa Barbara’s Best Kept Secrets…(shhhh)

Many businesses choose to work with our firm from as far away as New York and Florida, even Taiwan. However, if you live in Santa Barbara, you may wish to come down to our free SEO workshop every Thursday at the Eagle Inn. At our Thursday meetup you’ll enjoy an opportunity to network with other local businesses, discuss online marketing strategies and gain a competitive edge with your online business. If you attend a workshop, you may find yourself sitting next to someone with major credits, like the owner of Noozhawk or Annie Crawley, or David Anderson.

All of this is to let you know – you are in good hands.

May you enjoy your stay at our web site and we hope the the information we provide at this site will help you succeed with your internet business.

We’re looking forward to being of service.


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  • Posted at 10:11 pm, August 24, 2010

    There are many SEO Companies but I have my confidence on the Search Engine Pros. As of now, I am still looking for the best SEO Company that will fit on what I need.However, I really like the things and offers mentioned above. Still looking for options. Nice post!!

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