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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “How I Made It!” Tech Entrepreneurs series, February 22 at 4:30 pm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “How I Made It!” Tech Entrepreneurs series, February 22 at 4:30 pm

Taylor Reaume is the founder of The Search Engine, a Search Marketing agency in Santa Barbara, CA and will be speaking at the upcoming Internship Panel at Santa Barbara City College.   The event is expected to be valuable experience for students as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about online businesses. The panel will be held on Wednesday, February 22 at 4:30 pm, in the Schall Career Center, Room 282 of the Student Services building on the main campus.Santa Barbara Marketing Internship

Taylor is a Fortune 500 SEO Consultant as well as a successful online business mentor.  This program is one of several educational opportunities offered to familiarize potential website designers the tools they need to learn, aides in the development of an online business, and the steps it takes to create a successful website.

The presentations consist of topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, PPC  and Web Design.  It also teaches critical life concepts as they relate to e-business.  This is especially useful for college graduates entering the workforce, but is applicable to anyone who wants to learn more about the process. The program challenges student and entrepreneurs alike to bring truth and clarity to their passions in life.  Each panelist will give a 5-10 minute talk about themselves and to expand on their career paths.  There will be a question and answer period immediately following the panel discussion.

The Search Engine Pros mentorship benefits both non-profits and college students eager to learn SEO and Web Marketing.  Taylor Reaume is committed to mentoring students who want to learn more about online business.

With over a decade of expertise in e-business, finance and marketing, Taylor has developed over 400 websites, as well as sold several of the largest online music communities to fortune 500 Jupiter Media and Getty Images.  Taylor holds a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Marketing and Economics.   Learn more about Taylor Reaume and his website at

Rounding out the panel are Christian Smith of Phone Halo and Jason Dorfman of Optopic.

Parking:  Stop at the parking kiosk for instructions as to where to park and where the room is located.    Please call (805) 730-4133 for any further information.

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