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Need professional-grade web design?


Wordpress Web Design

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if you could get your job done right the first time, no questions asked?

Let us help you kick your design from 1999, and turn your site into a GOOD MAZE that increases your conversions and sales.

Did you know that the majority of websites have no “call to action”? 

Most websites expect visitors to “figure it out” by themselves, so they wander about the website in low impact areas, hunting for what they want, before finally giving up and clicking away. Most people are losing sales every day because of this and they don’t even know it.   People have very little patience on the internet.  It’s important to fine tune the user experience at your website by creating call to action messages that capture attention.  It’s great if you drive 100,000 people to your web site, NOT SO GREAT if they don’t CONVERT.

Your web design & conversion manager will assist you in adding web pages and blog posts, designing new graphics and adding videos, researching competitors strategy, making insightful suggestions as to key improvement areas from a conversion standpoint.

What is web 2.0 web site design?

A true web conversion specialist has html skills and knowledge of web 2.0, and most importantly, can bring ideas to reality.  It’s important that you find an experienced team for this area of your business.   Stay focused on following the web 2.0 “less is more” design styles, weighing costs & needs and avoiding paralysis by analysis.

Wordpress Web Design

“It’s great if you get 100,000 people to your web site, not so great if they don’t buy (or engage).  Usability is the key to success with internet business.  Design your web site with the customer in mind. Search Engine Pros are a world-class web services team that is dedicated to educating your company, making your life easier, and making sure your content is amazing.” -Taylor Reaume


I’ve heard that credibility levels at my site can make or break success?

Yes.  This is why it’s essential to have an experienced conversion optimization expert on your team.  A conversion web strategist’s strengths are in getting people to take action at your web site.  This includes thinking critically about how the public views your web site, developing conversion strategies to generate more opt ins, inserting trust seals and audio testimonials, creating compelling tag lines at your site, photoshopping smiling faces and inviting graphics at your web site and creating short you tube videos which help explain the content at your site.


Does your website have social icons?Social Media Marketing

What if you made it easier for people to refer you at your web site?  Do you think it would help bring more conversions?  Adding social icons to your web site is a great way to promote your web site and your social sites at the same time.  When you hire a conversion strategist to focus on this area of your business, your sales conversions (and revenue) will increase.

Don’t be left behind in the race to the top of Google! Give us a call today to get started at 800.605.4988 or fill out our quote request form below, and get a free 30 page web site analysis.
Below is a proven success path:

Month 1:

-Needs Analysis

-Learning your web platform

-Design plan to kick design from 1999

Month 2:Responsive Web Design Mobile Friendly

-Create a list of call to actions

-Implement call to actions into web design

-Discuss improvement areas

Month 3:

-Improve color of web design (staying inside color pallet)

-Adding social icons and easy refer elements

-Create and Implement opt in banners

Month 4:

-Upload photos of smiling faces

-Human optimize the web design for user friendliness

-Organize content better and decrease number of clicks to reach lead page

Month 5:

-Install  / optimize tracking codesResponsive Web Design Mobile Friendly

-Study bounce rates and highest exit pages / optimize

-Install exit surveys

Month 6:

-Create polls

-Add “credibility logos”

-Continuous conversion optimization

About Us & What We Do

We deliver customized online marketing solutions that match our clients preferences, business and style. Get more visitors, increase sales.  We bring together product design, brand communications, social connections and content to help businesses win the hearts and minds of friends and supporters.  Image matters. And having a professional approach with your marketing is priceless.  Get serious about your web marketing strategy – schedule a consultation with one of our pros today by calling 800-605-4988.  

Great online marketing is not about a one size fits all approach.

Where will GREAT MARKETING take your business?

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SITES IN YOUR INDUSTRY. Perfect on every device – mobile, desktop, and tablet.

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