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Data Research Pro

How To Uncover Priceless Strategy Gems From Your Competitors & Stay One Step Ahead On The Marketing Battlefield

One of the most essential components of any marketing strategy, online or offline, is a “competitor research grid”.  A competitor research grid is an excel file that compares and contrasts your competitors strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace, providing invaluable perspectives.  This is a smart strategy that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.  The competitor research pro will study the competition’s branding, PPC, SEO, and email marketing strategies and make specific recommendations to help you out-rank, out-flank and out-perform the other players in the marketplace.

Hire an Email PRO today to boost your sales tomorrow.

Ready To Blow The Cover Off Your Competitor’s Marketing Strategy?

Competitor Analysis Manager - Managing Your Competitor Grids

Features: 1 phone call per month 10 hours maximum Monthly submission reports 24/7 email support

Suggested Usage Of 10 Hour Block: Your competitive research assistant will ask you for initial advice and guidance regarding your ideas of competitors strengths and weaknesses.   Each month they will focus on building out a “competitor research grid” which quickly becomes the “holy grail” of your decision making processes.

For instance, here is a highly recommended success path:

Month 1:

-Needs Analysis

-Create an excel spreadsheet competitor grid

-Determine your competitive analysis factors


Month 2:

-Study the competition’s keyword strategy

-Organize competitor research document

-Discuss competitor research document

Month 3:

-Study the competitions “centers of influence”

-Organize competitor research document

-Discuss competitor research document

Month 4:

-Study the competitions social media strategy

-Organize competitor research document

-Discuss competitor research document

Month 5:

-Study the competitions web design ideas

-Organize competitor research document

-Discuss competitor research document

Month 6:

-Study the competitions email marketing strategy

-Organize competitor research document

-Discuss competitor research document


Will A Competitor Research Grid Help My Company? Yes. Imagine a document that contains the best strategies of your competition–the strategies that cost thousands of dollars of trial and error marketing.  This kind of a document is priceless to most companies.

Will This Help Uncover My Competitors Best Keywords? Yes. Not only can your data research pro show you what keywords your competitors are using in their marketing strategy, but they’ll also show which keywords are the “profitable” keywords with the highest ROI.

Will We Get New Ideas From This Work? If you have been in business for awhile, you know that ideas are the key to staying in business.  Developing innovative ideas for marketing will help you stay on the cutting edge.

Best ChoiceWill My Data Research Pro Send Me Breaking  Industry News? Yes. For example, you will get helpful emails which show you the top stories in your industry.  If required, you may specify to have latest news or events about your customers businesses sent to your email address.  All lasting business depends on friendship.  Imagine being able to easily forward emails to your clients that were on topic and relevant about their business, their involvement in the industry, or helpful information that adds value to them.  This kind of value packed customer follow up will help maintain customer relationships.

Don’t be left behind in the race to the top of Google! Give us a call today to get started at 800.605.4988

Competitor Analysis Manager - Managing Your Competitor Grids

Mantra: ”Marketing is a battlefield and we should stay one step ahead of the competition at all times.”

Data Research Pro (monthlybiannual)

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