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I’ve tried selling internet marketing services in the past, and I found that….

Hold it right there…Hands down; the fastest selling internet marketing service on the web, is right here at The Search Engine Pros.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to sell our service.  Internet marketing is THE HOTTEST SELLING SERVICE ON THE WEB TODAY.  The Search Engine Pros has the social proof that prospects demand.  Our pricing model is competitive and the tools we equip you with make the sales process very simple and easy.

If we may point out some proof:

1.  We are #1 on Google for  “Santa Barbara Marketing”  and “Santa Barbara SEO”.

2.  We are the only internet marketing firm in SB that offers a complementary class to help you increase your knowledge of internet marketing and SEO (Mondays 6pm-8pm SB Vets Hall).

3.  There are over 40+ testimonials on our web site, many of them audio testimonials–customers endorsing our work.

4.  UCSB and SBCC regularly invite our company to speak with students at internship expos.

5. Very few modern marketing firms offer a true all in one solution (web site + SEO + PPC + Social Media + Press Releases + Link Building + Email Marketing + Graphic Design ) Most businesses have a fragmented marketing system. The Search Engine Pros offer an entire marketing department for the price of a part time employee!

The reality for most business owners is that they do not have time to focus on marketing their business in a way that will make an impact.  Most know they have to do marketing, or they will be driven out of business.

Our accelerator plans are based on an annual approach to your marketing strategy.  Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with you, one of growing mutual respect, rather than, quick buck, let’s move on to try another firm (which is a big reason companies fail, not sticking with a single marketing firm –no long term strategy value adds).  Our long term clients get far more than those that jump in and jump out because we do many extra value adds for them.

Earn income as our Affiliate…

The Search Engine Pros Affiliate Program
The highest paid SEO affiliate program on the net.

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  1. Generate income simply by placing a banner on your web site
  2. Enjoy this otherwise lost revenue stream
  3. Especially attractive to:
  • web designers
  • web developers
  • hosting providers
  • online marketers & bloggers
  • authors, publishers & speakers
  • consultants

Help Promote Fair Pricing In Online Marketing

Our company believes in fair and transparent online marketing pricing and when you align with us, you align with a firm that truly cares about your clients long term success. With online marketing continuing to boom, becoming our affiliate is a smart move—and a prime opportunity to make serious money. Every day, people are looking for the perfect search engine marketing solution; let them find it through you.




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Anyone can sign up to be a our affiliate. It’s free. It’s easy. Once you are signed up, you will receive an affiliate ID and access to all the marketing tools you’ll need, including banner ads, text ads and more. Utilize those tools on your website, blog, e-mails, wherever. When customers click through and sign up for a our services, you get paid. It’s that easy. Affiliates can keep track of efforts and earnings with a user-friendly reporting system.


I want to be a sales agent, is that different than an affiliate?

If you would like to take your relationship with The Search Engine Pros to the next level and become a sales agent, please apply here.  If you are accepted we’ll get in touch to discuss your increased commission level.

As a sales agent, you’ll enjoy perks including unlimited web hosting, and access to use our state of the art WordPress clone tool for launching your own web projects.  We also coach you on how to create affiliate marketing sites so that you’ll start enjoying recurring streams of income.

You’ll be paid for helping colleagues, friends and family make the right choice when it comes to their internet marketing needs.    We pay commissions for every customer you refer – Commission checks are mailed 30 days after your first sale.  We also provide our dedicated top performing sales agents with fresh leads.  Best of all, you’ll enjoy working from the comfort of your own home.

What is the pay scale like?

Here’s the sliding scale for sales agents:
1-3 sales per month: 25% bronze commission  (paid on sales 1-3)
3-6 sales per month: 50% silver commission (paid on sales 3-6)
6+ sales per month: 75% gold commission


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