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Let’s face it, everyone is buying online nowadays.  Having a professional website and PPC campaign is a key component to success.  Customers prefer paying online, so why not let them. Let’s crank up your website visitor volume and turn your landing page into a dance floor.
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We know we’re only as good as the people we hire, so we only hire the best and the brightest. Attracting top talent requires a unique value offer. We do this by creating a working environment where our employees feel valued and appreciated. From paid sabbaticals to premier compensation, we pride ourselves on making Search Engine Pros a great place to work.


We give your business a highly-targeted approach that identifies poor performance before it happens.  Increase conversions. Decrease wasted clicks. We ensure you’re receiving the best results possible every month.
  • Is your PPC ad relevant to the keyword searched?
  • Are there any words in your PPC campaign that have a negative connotation?
  • Are there any words that can help the customer get a better picture of the offer?
  • Have you connected your PPC ad to the most important and urgent problem in the mind of the searcher?
  • Can your PPC ad be more specific?
  • Does your PPC ad speak to your audience’s pain points?
  • Can you create a PPC ad to discover potential insights about the customer?

Show up when people search for what you offer

Start by telling us your goal. You have three goals to choose from, depending on what your specific business needs are.
GoalWhen to use it
CallCalls to your businessUse this goal if your business is primarily driven by customer phone calls.
SiteActions on your websiteThis goal is ideal for web-based businesses that rely on e-commerce, web content, or online-only transactions.
StoreVisits to your storeFor businesses that are looking for more people to visit a physical store, this is the preferred goal.
Once you choose your goal, we will guide you on a path to help you achieve it.
Need help? Give us a call at (805) 627-3255 and we’ll help you set up your account at no charge.

Ready to get started with PPC?



Build your own Responsive Google Search Ad copy. Embellish them with ad extensions like site links, call out, advertiser ratings, and so on. Share the link to this ad with your partners or boss.

Here’s 10 reasons to choose Search Engine Pros

  • One stop shop. (Account setup, Landing page Design, Ad Copy, GTM and Analytics, Competitor Research, Product Research, Account Maintenance)
  • Did you know that cookies are going away? We offer clients protection from the pending cookie apocalypse by setting up advanced conversion tracking metrics that make it simple to see the road ahead clearly.
  • Avoid Google Tag Manager blocking by Adblockers. You’ll get Server Side Analytics to capture conversions accurately. Most browsers and ad blockers are now blocking 3rd party analytics scripts, such as Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • We offer numerous server-side tracking solutions designed for every need. Including clients, tags, and variables templates for the server Google Tag Manager container. As well as plugins and scripts for CMSs like WordPress or Shopify, and all the way down to custom-built sites and everything in between.
  • Improved data accuracy. With ITP and ad blockers on the rise, server-side tracking is the best approach for those looking to gain more control over data collection. Our Facebook tag for sGTM allows setting up FB CAPI based on any requests in the sGTM, not only GA4.
  • Extend cookie lifetime using server-side Google Tag Manager. We’ll show you how to use server Google Tag Manager to extend cookie lifetime. This will help you with tracking restrictions that affect 3rd party cookies.
  • Faster loading Ads. Reduce your JavaScript load to a single event stream directed into your Server container. Don’t let these pesky scripts slow down your site, and increase your cost per click. Missing conversions will lead to bad decision making with your marketing campaigns.
  • Get more exclusive leads by being listed where 85% of people look for your companies… the top 3 spots!  Run, manage and optimize Ads on Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. Helpful and detailed reports let you easily monitor your ads.
  • Google Sheet Integrations. Google Sheet tag for the server Google Tag Manager container that helps write data from sGTM to Google Sheet. This gives you more clarity with your conversion tracking.
  • We’ve helped eCommerce businesses grow revenue 4x, software companies double revenue, financial companies get more visibility, healthcare firms get new clients, and universities attract new students.

Special Offer: Get $500 in free Google Ad credit when you spend $500.


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