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Keyword Research: 7 Ways To Increase Web Site Traffic

Keyword Research: 7 Ways To Increase Web Site Traffic

7 Ways to Increase Web Site Traffic Utilizing Keyword Research

  1. Define your target topic or interest. Keywords are the words that web surfers enter in search engines to find websites. It’s pointless to optimize your web pages for phrases that nobody uses in the search engines. For a successful online marketing campaign, you must target the right keywords. The words you use should be relevant for your website and web surfers should be searching for your keywords. If you target the wrong phrases, your website promotion efforts will be in vain and you will waste a lot of time and money. Defining a target topic is the easiest step to increase web site traffic through keyword research.
  2. Different Types Of Keywords. There are three different keyword types: keywords for browsing, keywords for comparing and keywords for buying. Keywords for comparing are usually the phrases that work best for search engine optimization. People who use that type are looking for a solution to their problem and they are ready to buy. To get best results with your search engine optimization efforts, you should concentrate on that type. Need help researching keywords? We have state of the art software that will find the best keywords for your industry. This is the all important first step in an SEO campaign. Get this step wrong, and your SEO efforts will be in vain. Click Here. Keyword Research Package. The three keyword types are outlined below:


    During the first phase of research, web surfers typically use general keywords to find information. For example, a web surfer might be interested in an ipod. The keyword that the web surfer might use in search engines could be: ipod or nano. People who use keywords for browsing are usually looking for information only. Keywords for browsing usually have a very high search volume. Getting a top 10 ranking for these general keywords is very difficult and nearly impossible. It is unlikely that a web surfer who uses such a generic keyword will buy something. For example if someone types in “music” or “apple”. Focusing on customers that are browsing is generally the best means to increase web site traffic, although conversion rates will typically be lower.


    In the second research phase, web surfers narrow their selection because they now know what type of product they want. For example, the web surfer might have found out the he is interested in an “ipod nano 8gb”. People who use keywords for comparing are more ready to buy. These are probably the best keywords that you can target for your search engine optimization campaign. They will have much lower search volume than general keywords but they will lead to more sales and it is much easier to get top 10 rankings for these phrases. They will likewise not increase web site traffic by a considerable amount, however.


    During the last research phase, web surfers know what they want to purchase. They are just looking for the website with the best offer. For that reason, these surfers use very specific keywords: “ipod nano 8gb free shipping”. People who use these phases for buying are ready to buy. However, these keywords won’t help the website owner’s SEO campaign if they offer competing products, and they tend to get top positions naturally as a result of quality onsite SEO targeted at “comparative keywords”. The majority of web surfers use a two to four word phrase in a search, so phrases are generally more effective. Single words cannot be promoted effectively because they are not very targeted. Internet users who use four-word searches are more likely to purchase goods or services than those using fewer words (source: Oneupweb Research).

  3. Use “how” to help define problems in your topic area. When people search online, many times they’re seeking answers to their problems, and they seek answers to these problems by asking “how” questions. Common questions might be things like how to do one of the following: start, grow, train employees, find employees, market, advertise, price services, bill customers, bid for contracts, buy, insure, find supplies, and write a business plan. Answering how questions through keyword research can help increase web site traffic.
  4. Use “action terms”. Note the action terms that were used found in this example — starting, buying, growing, marketing, training, advertising, billing, bidding, etc. These are terms that people use to help them solve the problems. Create a list for each of these terms and brainstorm synonyms for these terms, as well. If you target the wrong phrases, you will lose time and money. You will invest a lot of time in optimizing your web pages for phrases for which your website cannot get high rankings at the moment. Or you will invest a lot of time in optimizing your web pages for phrases that don’t convert to sales. It is very important that you choose the right keywords that lead to high search engine rankings and sales. Make sure that you choose the correct keyword type.
  5. Group and research. Focused on similar groups of phrases. This is likely to bring you larger volumes of targeted visitors. For example, wedding photography, photographer for wedding, wedding photographer professional, etc.
  6. Count the searches. One word phrases, while very highly searched, are usually a lost cause and are not very effective because they are not very targeted. In addition, the competition for these phrases is very high and it is very difficult to get good rankings for them. Internet users who use four-word searches are more likely to purchase goods or services than those using fewer words (source: Oneupweb Research). For keyword research to help you increase web site traffic, you must understand what exactly your potential new visitors are searching for.
  7. Use the keywords in your blog posts. With this research you can write articles on these topics, create SEO blog posts about these topics, upload web pages on these topics, update the meta tags on your web pages, make videos on podcasts about these topics, create information products, write pay-per-click campaigns, and design classified ads, to name just a few of the uses for this research.

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Our keyword research services can help you increase web site traffic. The Search Engine Pros are a Santa Barbara, California-based internet marketing consultancy specializing in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email advertising, and SEM.

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