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Increase Web Site Traffic: The 7 Best Traffic Tips

Increase Web Site Traffic: The 7 Best Traffic Tips

Today our discussion will center around 7 Inbound Linking strategies that will help you increase web site traffic.  We will discuss why they’re important for Google Rankings and how to get them efficiently.

First, let’s clarify what we mean when we say a link.

A link is essentially when you get a your web site url, on a web site other than your own (someone else’s web site).   Another way of defining a link is by thinking of it terms of a “vote” for your web site.  Some votes are obviously carry more weight in Google’s eyes.  Hence, it makes sense to get links from Authority Sites in your niche.  For example if you are a psychologist, and you manage to get a link on  That is going to be much more powerful for you than a link from your 10 year old son’s godaddy website.

Now there’s some additional complexities here that I won’t go into tonight, particularly with regards to Page Rank.  During this webinar – we will focus primarily on learning how to identify the different kinds of links, and how to more easily obtain links to increase web site traffic.  For now just repeat the following mantra–More Quality Links = More Ranks = More Traffic.

So what are the different types on links?

1.)  Reciprocal Links

If we put a link to your website on this page today, you would have a new reciprocal link.  Reciprocal links can be very helpful to increase web site traffic both from humans and search engines.  Exchange reciprocal links with websites applicable to your industry.

2. ) Directory Links

In the ocean of information, the internet, there are many locations where you can post a link pointing back to your web site. There are literally 1000’s of directories that will accept your link. In most cases, site marketers boycott such ‘secondary directories’ thinking that little or no traffic would result from being listed on them…We agree! Directories are not likely to bring huge volumes of traffic. However, inclusion in these directories creates a powerful one-way-link factor. In other words, submitting your site to 100’s of ‘seemingly insignificant directories will indeed reinforce your link popularity factor. That said, submissions should be addressed to directories featuring a decent PR. That’s what we call working smarter not harder. Please note : Only manual submissions work for directory submission – watch out for folks offering to submit your site to thousands of directories since they usually perform the work with software which are not SEO friendly – submitting to a directory requires individual registration in all cases and it is a labor intensive process which can only be fulfilled by hand. Directory submission is a great way to increase web site traffic.

3.) Article Marketing Links

Top internet marketer’s all speak very highly of article marketing. Submitting your articles to article directories (places that aggregate content) is a great link strategy. Thousands of eZine publishers are on the lookout for new articles and press release material on a continuing basis. People look to article directories to get content for their site. The caveat is that they must keep your author link intact, which provides you with an inbound link to your site. Using an article writing service is an excellent way of spreading information about your site, and thus an excellent way to increase web site traffic.

4.) Blogs Links

Some internet marketers argue that the best links you can get, are ‘contextual links’. Contextual refers to relevancy and context. The idea is that Google ranks sites based on relevancy. If your inbound links are on relevant pages to your topic, Google likes this. If you have spam links across hundreds of non-relevant web pages, Google is likely to see this as a manipulation tactic. Where possible, participate in blogs and forums that are related to your industry. Post comments & questions and always include your URL listed in your signature. The name of the game is to have interaction with online communities through blogs and forums to have a legitimate reason to list your URL as many times as possible, thus skyrocketing your link popularity through one-way-links. Link enhancement through Blogs & Forums is also a labor intense process which cannot be implemented thru software. To post a comment, a human must read the blog, and make an insightful, helpful response. There is an art to’navigate’ through blogs & forums, but it is definitely worth the time invested since Google loves contextual one-way-links!

5.) Social Media links

If you haven’t heard the term Social Media lately, you might be living in a cave. Wikipedia defines it as follows: “Social media supports the human need for social interaction with technology, transforming broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers.” Think social media when you think of sites like facebook, linkedin, myspace, twitter, etc, these are places where people are interacting online. Links are often generated from social media activities, although it is primarily used best as a branding or networking medium.  Everytime I turn around, I am hearing facebook, facebook, facebook.  Alright guys, you know what that means, it’s time to get on facebook.  Remember to use a fan page with facebook if you want to get some SEO benefit out of the posts you are making. Social Media SEO is one of the newest and fastest growing ways to increase web site traffic.

6.) Press Release links

Successful link strategies also include monthly online press releases. Press releases are great as well because newsrooms love to proliferate good content around the internet. In most cases, you shouldn’t expect to get mega traffic from such articles after they get published.  Press Releases are an easy and efficient way to extend backlinks to your site.  In general, press release sites tend to accept only current event articles so be mindful of this before you spend a whole bunch of time writing your press release if you want to maximize the chances of it being accepted into some of the online news houses.

7.) Forum links

Forums are great places to get one way links as well.  Forum links, similar to blog commenting links are very good types of links to get because they are highly contextual, meaning, they have a whole bunch of relevant text around the link, which is what the Google spider is generally looking for when it crawls the web. Forum links are an excellent means to increase web site traffic. Want to save a ton of time building links? Use our Link Robot“Need help with your SEO Strategy?   The SEO SUCCESS Plan will bring you more leads, and more rankings than you ever imagined from your web site.  Our seo best practices help you to acheive top ranks for target keywords. With over 81% of consumers making purchasing decisions online now, your seo and web marketing strategy is a vital component of the overall success of your business in the coming years. Our web marketing specialists have regular meetings with you to ensure you are maximizing the return on your investment with your internet marketing strategy.

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