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5 Things To Avoid When Designing A User Friendly Website

5 Things To Avoid When Designing A User Friendly Website

5 Things To Avoid When Designing A User Friendly Website

Having a user friendly website design is one of the most important parts of creating and maintaining your own web site . And in this day and age, having a website to advertise your own business or company is just as important as having a physical location for your company’s headquarters – and sometimes having a website can be even more important. There are many things you should avoid doing, however, when it comes to creating a user friendly website design – this article names but only a few.

#1 – Avoid small fonts or any fonts that is too large. Fonts that are too small can strain the eyes, and fonts that are too large may force some readers to scroll their computer screen in order to read all the text. In addition, you should try to avoid using any kind of fancy fonts, too – just stick with the basics and common subjects here. Remember, the goal here is to try and make your website as user friendly as possible.

#2 – Try to use as few pictures as possible. Pictures take up a lot of space, not only on the webpage itself but on your web server, too. Besides this, they can take a long time to load up on some internet connections, especially those using a dial-up modem to connect to the internet. For this reason, you should keep the use of pictures, fancy graphics or other forms of multimedia on your website to an absolute minimum.

#3 – Avoid any colors that is too dark or too bright. Again, this goes back to preventing strain on the eyes for visitors to your website. Because computer monitors are often times set to different color balances and contrast levels, you never know exactly what you’re website is going to look like on the screen of one of your users. Because of this, you should always err on the side of caution and go with something that you think will be visually pleasing to all of your users.

#4 – Don’t cover your website in advertisements. Nothing can bog a site down more than having a dozen pop-up advertisements, or covering your webpage with banner ads. We realize you want to make money off from your site, and while it is possible to do it by displaying paid banner advertisements, it is really annoying to your users. If you are looking to drive users away and keep them from coming back, then by all means use as many advertisements as you’d like. But if you want to attract new visitors and keep those ones you already have coming back with a user friendly website design , you’ll want to keep your banner advertisements to a minimum just like your pictures.

#5 – Try to avoid using a splash page. Also known as introduction pages, these are pages that load up when you first type in your web address, and then the user has to click a link from here to get to your actual site. Instead, have your users directed straight to your website.

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