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SEO Workshop: "Follow Up Systems – 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid" 6pm SB Vets Hall

SEO Workshop: "Follow Up Systems – 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid" 6pm SB Vets Hall

It’s Educational. It’s Informative. Join Us!

The Monday SEO workshop is a group of local business owners talking about how to generate more leads from their website via google site optimization and pay per click. Attendees come to learn SEO and search engine marketing from other like-minded business owners who have developed effective internet marketing strategies.

When : Monday Nights 6pm-7pm
Where : THE SANTA BARBARA VETERANS BUILDING 112 W. Cabrillo BLVD Santa Barbara, CA 93101 – 805-568-0200


What’s The Topic This Week?

Todays topic at 6pm is

“Follow Up Systems: 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid”

Dear Friends,

Marketing automation and permission-based email marketing is being called the future of marketing by many of the most advanced marketing minds today.

When used correctly, follow up email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Smart marketers use targeted email marketing as a tool to follow up and add value; not to sell products.

Many people have difficulty brainstorming ways to add value through email. Instead they resort to selling products, services, or talking about themselves. Most emails are riddled with the three most dangerous words in marketing are “WE”, “I” and “OUR”. Too often people forget this concept in marketing and overuse these words in the copy. Check your keyword density, shift the focus to “You” and your conversion rates skyrocket.

Remarkable follow up systems “pre-program” an ideal experience for prospects and potential customers. This is called “marketing automation”.

Create an experience for your prospects that leads them down a rose petaled path, and shows them how to take the next step in the buying process. Don’t expect prospects to figure out the buying process on their own.

Use the new technology to deliver massive value to your prospects and clients, not to spam them with dull content. Focus on a delicate dance; time intervals should be spaced apart far enough so as to not innundate and annoy.

The marketing automation email systems these days have a dramatic impact not only on sales, but on support calls as well. Imagine an automation system that sends answers to common client questions, thereby reducing support calls by up to 50%? Smart follow up systems can double your business this year if you set it up properly with remarkable content. Conversely, if you’re sending dull content you’ll likely end up as bewildered as your prospects. Make sure you are sending truly remarkable value adds that have a universal appeal.

At the SEO Workshop this evening, we’ll discuss the three biggest mistakes people when setting up their follow up systems. Come down and share ideas with fellow Santa Barbara business owners at the Veterans Building (112 W. Cabrillo) 6pm-7pm. Be sure to RSVP at

Kind Regards,

Taylor Reaume

Here are some quick tips:
  1. Register for the next SEO workshop at
  2. Consider bringing your laptop to the next meeting and helping others get more awareness via Facebook posts, Twitter Posts, personal recommendations, email newsletter mentions and any other method. The love you get is equal to the love you give. This is true in business too!
  3. Considering bringing a stack of business cards to the next meeting. We have a business card wall, and everyone is encouraged to leave a stack of cards for networking with other business owners.
  4. Do you know any web writers or web designers? Please refer them to our group coaching.
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Join us for an hour filled with interesting conversations about online business. With over 81% of consumers making purchasing decisions online, web sites are no longer optional. If you have a good product or service, then driving traffic to your site is a matter of SEO. Taylor Reaume, The Search Engine Pros Founder, will discuss:

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