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Marketing Must #3

Dec 5th, 2011 by Filed under Arachnophobia

You Must Get – And Hold – Your Viewers’ Attention The cardinal rule in direct mail marketing is that unopened letters don’t convert into sales. Your marketing materials could consist of the most brilliantly-written copy and eye-catching images ever produced, but they won’t amount to anything if your letters are thrown away without being opened. Perhaps the most important aspect…read more →

Content Management Systems

SEO Friendly CMS

Jun 16th, 2010 by Filed under SEO Articles

As the internet allows more and more writers to present their work to the world, new software platforms have been developed which give even amateur web masters total control over how their content is formatted and displayed. These software platforms are called Content Management Systems (or CMS). CMS’s have become so sophisticated that a writer with no knowledge of developing…read more →

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