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Consumers now co-author the stories brands’ tell. Push is now pull and monologue is now dialogue. Social Media is the newer, better, faster way to reach customers.

Did you know that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 40-60 years old?  In the old days, we used to network in the coffee shops, nowadays, it’s all happening on social media sites.  Social media sites are like personal newspapers of people’s lives. Some call it “lifestreaming”.  Smart companies are building massive emotional equity with social media sites.  Educational marketing on social sites will double your business this year, if executed properly (value adds, not pitches).  Did you know that Google is now crawling the Facebook Fan pages?  Social media marketing also helps your SEO efforts (nice dual benefit).  Permission based marketing is more important than ever in 2011 and beyond.  Boost your “likes’ and your “followers”, and you’ll boost your sales and profits.

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Social Media Pro - Managing Your Social Media Campaigns


Get people to know, like & trust you!

Features: 1 phone call per month 10 hours maximum Monthly submission reports 24/7 email support

Suggested Usage Of 10 Hour Block: Your Social Media Manager will help you create interesting updates (approval based) and post those updates consistently to your social sites. The most popular 5 social sites are Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Blogspot. Your Social Media Manager will help with developing contest ideas and implementing new strategies for social media success, Social Bookmarking in Digg, Delicious,  Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc.  Tweeting, Facebooking, optimizing your Facebook page, optimizing twitter pages, adding news content, developing fun and new ideas for traffic building.  Competitor tracking – a consistent assessment and rating of the competition’s marketing strategy is also provided.

For instance, here is a highly recommended success path:

Month 1:

-Needs Analysis

-Learning about the business

-Discussing your social media strategy


Month 2:

-Setting Up / Optimizing Facebook

-Setting Up / Optimizing Twitter

-Discussing your social media strategy

Month 3:

-Creating 100 Facebook Updates

-Creating 100 Twitter Updates

-Discussing your social media strategy

Month 4:

-Getting approvals & scheduling updates

-Implementing social media strategy

-Discussing your social media strategy

Month 5:

-Creating a contest


-Discussing your social media strategy

Month 6:

-Develop and execute on social media marketing plans


-Discussing your social media strategy

Here is a shortlist of tasks we can help with:
* Build and optimize your profiles on Facebook and Twitter
* Write original messages to spread word of mouth on Facebook and Twitter
* Facebook market research reports detailing specific interest bases and demographics
* Run deals on Facebook and Twitter to reward loyalty and foster new business
* Directly reach out to potential clients when they’re ready to purchase
* Post an unlimited number of messages you request to Facebook and Twitter
* Build a professional LinkedIn profile
* Create original messages on LinkedIn to boost your profile and credibility
* Grow your online professional network on LinkedIn
* Request recommendations on LinkedIn from happy clients
* Publicize special offers to your extended network on LinkedIn
* Position you as a subject matter expert
* Broadcast specials on Foursquare to encourage loyalty and grow your business
* Thank clients immediately during or after their visit
* Respond to all comments on Facebook and Twitter
* Customer engagement with interesting “pre-approved” status updates
* Get more reviews from clients on the websites that matter most
* Research your competitors on the social web.
* Formulate specific and measurable social media marketing goals for your business.
* Build and optimize your profiles on Yelp
* Upgrade your Google Local to Google Plus Local
* Reply immediately to positive reviews on Yelp and Google Plus Local to build long-term relationships
* Reply immediately to negative reviews on Yelp and Google Plus Local
* Request removal of inappropriate reviews on Yelp and Google Plus Local
* Design offers to attract clients on Yelp and Google Plus Local
* Reward clients for telling their friends about their visit to your business
* Brainstorm ideas and activities to “socialize” your business.
* Make announcements about upcoming events on Google Plus Local
* Increase your brand visibility and influence within your target market
* Increase your website/blog traffic
* 24X7 Email Support
* No Long-term contracts


Behind all the hype about social media marketing, there is a hard truth: it’s labor intensive work! To keep up with it, you need help. And we don’t mean just giving you a strategy and a to-do list. We mean rolling up our sleeves and actually doing it. If you’re like most business owners, you are probably thinking:


* We don’t have time to do this ourselves
* We can’t keep up with the changing technology
* We just don’t have the expertise
* We don’t even know where to start
* It looks bad and it’s hurting us


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Social Media Pro - Managing Your Social Media Campaigns

Does the Social Media Manager help with craigslist ads? Yes.  Your Social Media Manager will help you create a Craigslist ad and post it every month on Craigslist.  Craigslist is one of the best ways to get traffic from the search engines.  Your Craigslist ad is also keyword rich, thereby helping your Google Rankings.  Depending on your category and offer, you will find Craigslist to be an excellent classified service that generates traffic from the Craigslist crowd. The Google spider will also follow links to your site based on the keywords used in the advertisement.

Does the Social Media Manager help with maintaining my Local Listings? Yes. The Social Media Manager will help build positive content on your local sites such as Google Local, Yelp and many others.  Local Search enables users to find businesses and services within a specific geographic region. A Local Search Listing gives your business instant locally targeted exposure online.  Your Social Media Manager creates and submits your Local Profile live to Google Maps, Yahoo Local Listings, Bing and This helps your business tap into local search engine traffic and deliver more potential customers in your local area. Local Search Optimization is an ongoing tasks that takes many months to start generating traction.  In our SEO Workshop, business owners report that the day they got into the number ranks on Google Local was the day everything changed, and they started getting 5-10 calls per day.

Does the Social Media Manager help create social sites? Yes.  Your Social Media Manager will also help you create and optimize Social Sites like Facebook. There are a number of other social web sites that your social media manager can create. We will allow you to pick 3 additional social sites, for example, blogspot, blogger, live journal, squidoo. By optimizing your content, you tell search engines which keywords are important to you. Search engines can only give your web page a high ranking for a certain keyword if your web page is relevant to that keyword. Make sure you have your target keywords in your titles, h1 tags, page urls, metas, body area, breadcrumbs and image alt tags.

Social Media Marketing ConsultantDo you have an example of an optimized Twitter and Facebook? Here is a twitter example for you: Here is a Facebook example for you: and and

Facebook and Twitter are in many respects becoming more important than your actual company web site these days.  As search engine specialists, we’re helping you in a unique way with your social media strategy.  We’re different because we think from the search engines perspective, and we know that it’s not enough to just have a compelling copy.  Marketers create compelling copy.  Super Marketers create compelling copy that is also optimized for both humans AND the search engines.

What about and all in one social update services, what are these? and are unique social media update services that help make your social media marketing more efficient.  Your Social Media Manager will coach you on how to setup the accounts and how to get started with your own social media efforts.

How do I get more followers on Twitter and Facebook? Your social media manager seeks out big names in your industry, and start adding value to them by way of retweeting their articles and doing other value adds.  If you have more twitter followers it will help boost your viewership and traffic.  Your Social Media Manager can also post niche related news articles on your twitter for you. More tweets = more viewership and traffic.  Need to add Facebook Friends? No problem, we’ve got you covered. More facebook friends = more viewership and traffic.

Social Media Marketing Trends

How To Use Social Media Sites

The more platforms you have to tell your story from the better

Will you DIGG my articles?  What is DIGGING an article anyways? Yes.  Your Social Media Manager will DIGG Your articles. Diggs are the most popular social bookmarks to have on your article.  They are the ones that search engines pay attention to the most.  They increase the popularity of your article which in turn increases rankings.

Can my Social Media Manager help with youtube videos as well? Yes, they will help you get more views and make comments on your Youtube Videos. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google, and more Youtube votes increases your rankings in the Youtube Search Engine.   This will in turn increase the popularity of your video and help to increase rankings.

Don’t be left behind in the race to the top of Google! Give us a call today to get started at 800.605.4988



Social Media Pro - Managing Your Social Media Campaigns

Mantra: “In the old days, networking took place in coffee shops, nowadays- Facebook & Twitter…”


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